The Ultimate Diecast Microbus Toys


After the fast sell out of the red and white 23 Windows, I am pleased to present the new 23 window model!
Based on a 1956 European model...this is another stunning bit of workmanship.

Sealing Wax Red and Chestnut Brown... body trim and chrome emblem, European headlight lenses.

Fully detailed engine compartment.


Check out the pop out window latches and the coat hooks...jail bars and armrests...all the details.

High hinge body...just like the original.

Bumper trims.

Vent wings open...door windows slide!

Very nicely detailed interior.
(note:this one is still wrapped up a bit...they are packaged very well)

Brakelight  decklid, bubble taillights.

Carpet like material in the back luggage area.

The details are really quite amazing for a model.

Each wheel is held on by 5 individual lug nuts.

Hubcaps, jack, lug wrench and a little tool to help open doors and such.

Cargo door and front doors open by operating the handles.

Fuctional sliding canvas sunroof.

Semaphore turn signals open up!

This is another limited production model..each one is numbered and comes with a certificate.
The last 23 window models sold out quite fast, and they are all totally gone.
Some of the other models are also sold out (such as the Mango Green standard Microbus)
The blue Kombi model is almost gone..just a few remaining, and the other models are selling through as well.

This is the latest one...and it is superb
Get one while you have the chance!!

$210 each


1957 Kombi Models are almost gone!!

Check out these details and scroll farther down the page to see the 23 Window Bus too!

Fully detailed undercarriage!

Early style grab handles on the seats!

Working class style door panels with pockets!

Proper early "high hinge" doors.


And they open!!!

Real rubber floor mats!

Just amazing isnt it?

Check out the 23 Window!


(but the other models share the same level of detail...check out the pix below for the details!)'ve always wanted one of these in the garage...and maybe you are lucky enough to have one there.
But how about one that is the perfect size for the mantle?
And I'm not talking some cheesy little thing...something of substance...a true highly detailed collectible.

Here's the level of detail Im talking about here...ever see a model car that you can hold up with the accurate jack, remove the hubcap
and unbolt the 5 lug nuts to remove the wheel and see the accurate suspension?

Check out the realistic seat belts and seat mounting brackets...deluxe trim and everything... just insane.

This is a new release from a diecast toy manufacturer based upon a 1962 Microbus.
The photos here dont do it much justice and they dont help you figure out the scale very well.
The scale is 1:12 th scale which is roughly about 14" long.

Check out the exhaust tip, the working T handle on the hatch, the jailbars in the windows, the functional sunroof...

Here it is all opened up wide... the wipers are positionable as well as being hinged so you can clean the glass.
The antenna retracts and extends, the door windows slide open and closed, the list goes on and on.

All the doors open and close of course, the steering wheel turns the front wheels,
the shifter moves, and more.

Check out the fully detailed engine with the spark plug wires, fan belt, battery leads and more.
Decals on the aircleaner and distributor, the deck-lid prop, and the list goes on and on.
The Bus is assembled from more than 600 parts!
Check out the detail on the luggage bar at the top of the back seat!

This is the photo that really hits it home...I just had to show it again.

Dont try this with your real Bus, but if you did, it would look just like this.
Amazing level of detail...check out the painted logos on the hubcaps...most folks dont do that on the real Busses!

Gas door opens and the VW logo gas cap is removeable.

The antenna goes up and down, the side mirros are adjustable.

Here's a detail of the mirror.
The vent wings pivot open and closed and the door windows slide open and closed.
You can peek inside and see the seat belts and detailed radio.

The front seat flips up to allow access to the spare tire and tools.
Look at the positionable turn signal lever!
The seats even have some squish to them...this is a model that will be highly collectible in years to come. you can see...this is no ordinary model car...which is why I have it posted here at in the cars for sale section.
The best part about this one is that it is something that almost everyone can afford. Its a lot of money for a "toy" perhaps
but after seeing the photos and details here...I am sure you will agree that it is well worth the price.

Here are some photos of one of the models with the "real deal" in the backround so you can judge the scale.
They are truly amazing up close and personal. Each one comes with a Limited Edition Certificate with the production
number in the series. Only 5000 of these have been made for Worldwide distribution. Thats only 5K
for the whole spinning globe. And once you see one up close it will be obvious that you need one for yourself.

Here's on in my hand...keep in mind that I have a BIG hand too. They measure about 14" long.

Here's a fun shot...


But click on through and check out the other versions that we have available...there are some great ones...


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