1944 VW Type 82E For Sale

This is as rare as they get folks.
A genuine WW2 Type 82E Beetle from 1944

The history of this car is very well documented back to day one.
Confirmed by the Volkswagen museum to have been delivered to the staff office of Hermann Goering.
The car ended up in private hands in France where it was kept until the owners passing in 1991.
A French collector heard of it coming up for auction and made the buy.
It then came to an American collector in about 2002 and has been here in the states since then.

The car has never been restored, but it has been repainted and some parts changed over the years

There is documented history of a front end collision and repair in approx 1950

The car retains the vast majority of its original parts and it is interesting to note the differences between the KDF era cars and the
later production models...take a peek at the hood and latch mechanism

Solid metal glove boxes, the round fuel tank, etc.

Locking front hood handle

Wiring  looks to have had some replacement done over the years