1949 Volkswagen Hebmuller Cabriolet For Sale


This is it...when you have one of these in your garage, you have reached the top.
The 1949 Hebmuller Cabrio...VW collecting's pinnacle...the top of the top....the diamond on the crown.

This example is a documented car, number 323 in the registry.
It has been in a private collection here in the US since 1993.
A full, professional, body off restoration has just been completed on the car and it is completely fresh
from end to end...zero miles on it...and it is about as nice as it can possibly be.

For those not aware of this model, the Hebmuller was a Coachbuilt custom body vehicle
that was built directly for VW in the early days . It was to be THE production Cabriolet model
and it was until Karmann came around in 1950 and made the 4 seater that we are most familiar with.
The Hebmuller was extremely stylish...much more-so than the Karmann, but it's life was short lived.

All told if my memory serves me right, they made about 741 cars or so over the period between 1948 and 1953
(I know I will be corrected...so bring it on)  But the current registry numbers show only 70 1949 models in existance today
and a total of 129 cars in all years.  Not all cars on the registry show the original body numbers, so it is hard to track with absolute certainty
but  without a doubt the car  is extremely rare and even rarer still in such pristine condition.

The restoration of the car was done to a very high level.
It is done in the most attractive color combination for a Hebmuller and  the details are quite correct.

The car started out prior to restoration as a very complete and extremely solid example.
This is not one that was built out of parts or from a rusted wreck...this has always been a "good one".

Showroom spotless everywhere you look.
After showing these images to some of the true experts out there in the VW world
there are only a scant few details that are not 100% correct, but all are easily correctable.
One being the absense of the fuel reserve lever under the dash.
This is a simple bolt on item that has now been attended to.

Rear area is very well trimmed.
Top and headliner fit it superb.

Fold up rear seat is well done.
The restorer did a very nice job with this car.

Wiring is all new and in the cloth bound early material.

Very clean

A stunning example indeed.
And as you can see by the background, it is in the hands of a serious car collector.
No expense was spared in this restoration!

Grooved semaphores in the front quarter panel...a Hebmuller signature.

The amazing sweep of the rear engine lid...what a beautiful design.

It is no wonder that this is the dream car of so many!
I know it is one of my personal dream cars!
If you all want to pitch in and buy it for me I would be forever thankful!
(yeah...I know...just dreaming!)

Under the car is as nice as the top...really done top level!
Look how clean the underside of the engine is!

The engine is a proper 1949 block with all the early attributes.
The seamed fan shroud, D regulator, mushroom air cleaner and more.
(note to the true purist...the correct offset mushroom air cleaner will be fitted prior to sale...
the one shown in this image is a standard sedan model)

Here is a detail of the correct off-set unit in place.

Chassis is superbly detailed.

Very rare Telefunken radio in the dash.
This radio has been professionally restored.

Door panels stitched in the early pattern.

Seats and controls are all superbly detailed and clean.

Domelight on the headliner is present.

The 16" wheels with big logo hubcaps and whitewall tires.
Another tip from the hard core purists...the large logo was discontinued in 1948
so technically this is incorrect...but this is as easy of a change as there is.

More underbelly shots...

Paint quality is excellent, this was done to top level all the way through.

Perhaps a little dust underneath...but a quick wipe down and you could show it with mirrors underneath!

The chassis is superb...and it is the original numbers matching pan for the car.
Check out the finish on the engine and trans case...truly better than new.

Spare tire well is excellent, aprons are all correct.
The car has all the proper original sheetmetal in place.
There are a few of these cars out there that have been built up from wrecks or multiple cars.
Finding one that is truly proper is very important at this level.
(Another note: The original body tags had not been re-fitted at the time of these photos...see below)

Here is the original Hebmuller body tag fitted to the car.

"Star" coil, flat top distributor, etc...

The restored 3 spoke steering wheel looks beautiful as do the dash pods and controls.

Mirror and visor in place.

Very clean.

Engine specs out to be proper for the year, but is not the original block that came in this car.

Matching spare

Carpet is well fit, as are the proper rubber mats.
Note the aluminum rings for the heater vents as original and the small roller pedal.

Proper grooved bumpers and guards in excellent chrome.
Correct early fluted lens bulb type headlights.
Another note on the windshield rubber...the seal on this car is fitted with the Deluxe style
aluminum trim. This was not original like this, but the look is very nice.

I have seen quite a few Hebmullers with Petri Banjo wheels in them, but I think originally the three spoke was
more common. I like the simplicity of it.
I do like seeing the right shift knob and other knobs and handles in place...the early wire style wiper arms as well.
Signs that the restoration was done by someone who has proper knowledge of vintage VW's...not some hot rod shop!

The engine has been run on the stand, but the car has not been driven yet.
The owner wanted to keep it as perfect as possible and not risk a stone chip or any damage.
I respect that fully, but if it were mine, I would want to drive it.
With that being said...if you are like me, you should expect to do the normal break in work
associated with a fresh restoration.

The body number is clearly stamped...this is Hebmuller number 323.

Correct early split case transmission.

We have had quite a few inquiries on the car requesting photos of the restoration...the owner has now found them
and here they are...

This is a photo of the car prior to the restoration...

The car was really quite nice to start with...not a wreck...the goal with the restoration
was to take a good car and make it an excellent car.

It is nice to see the 25 horse engine in these "before" shots.

The car was then disassembled and the restoration started.

Everything stripped down to the shell

The body came off the chassis for the restoration of course..
No stone was left unturned.

Here it is in primer with the bodywork done.
Very minimal metal work was needed...it was a solid one to start with.

Here is the chassis...you can see under the battery there was one repair done...the rest was good.

Now in finish primer and ready for paint.

Ready for that final coat

I do not have photos of the assembly process or post-paint...but these "before" photos help establish that it was a genuine car at the start
and that it was one in very complete and solid condition...its one thing to have a nice exterior...but if what is underneath it is poor
it has it's negative effect for sure. This car...was a good one to start with!!

In closing this is a tremendous vehicle.
Truly one of the most desirable VW models ever built, and with a restoration
at a very high level. This is a fantastic car.
It is a genuine, documented Heb that has never been wrecked or rusted.
This will be the crown jewel of any collection!


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