2004 Honda Rune For Sale


Perhaps the wildest motorcycle ever built by Honda...this is the Rune.
1800cc massive futuristic cruiser bike...this turns some serious heads.

These bikes were produced in limited numbers for a short period of time
and as time goes on they will certainly be prized collectibles. Even now there is a strong
cult like following for the bikes. Its a rare beast indeed...can you recall seeing one on the road recently?

This is example is pretty much a brand new bike.
Only 20 miles on it since purchased new in 2007.
It has been garage stored and is in stunning condition.

Yes...it has a massive amount of that!

Every bot of the bike has a fully custom look to it, yet this bike is 100% factory stock.

Engine and everything is near spotless.

Showroom condition indeed.
In fact I have seen "new" bikes on the showroom floor with more miles than this bike has.

Rear turn signals...wild shape.

Radiator grille is a phenomenal shape.

Front signals.

All if it looks almost alien in design...totally unique, yet factory produced.
Its a wild thing to imagine tooling up for this bike.

I think that is what makes this bike so special.
Honda didnt just recycle a bunch of parts from every other model, they
made everything with the same design driven quest of making a truly unique bike
in the world of motorcycles. Its not a Harley wanna-be, it's not  a traditional anything...it
represents truly "out of the box" thinking that is virtually never seen in a major manufacturer.

The original key tag and both keys.

Never down, never out in the weather, always garaged and carefully wiped down from time to time.

Single sided swing arm in the back...check out the big stylistic exhaust.
The bike has a great quiet rumble to it...strong yet soft spoken.
The velvet hammer!

Wheels are fantastic.

The big fender flush mounted taillights are very cool.

Comfortable single saddle.

Tags and stickers all still present.

Mirrors and controls.

The massive fender.

Wow...what a wild ride.

1800cc horizontally opposed 6 cylinder engine (similar in concept to the Porsche 911)
provides a fantastically smooth  running machine and enough power
to rip the grips from your hands if you are not properly prepared at take off !

The front forks are a wild bit of engineering.
Despite the bikes size it is remarkably easy to ride.

Wild headlight.

Look at that front end...WOW!

In closing this is a pretty impressive machine.
It represents a design exersize with no restraints...a daring quest by an innovative manufacturer
to create a vehicle that will forever be a unique creation. There has never been, and there probably never will be
another bike like the Rune.  Want to own a legend...now is your chance...and this one is in superb condition!


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