1964 VW Beetle Sedan For Sale

This Nevada based 1964 Beetle sedan has been in the same family since new.
About 10 years ago it was restored with fresh paint and many new parts and it has been garaged and well kept since.

The car has been sitting more than the owner would like to see and it has come to the time
to hand the keys to a new owner that will get some enjoyment out of the car.

While the car has history back to day one with the family, if its not getting out there on the road
and spends its time hiding in the garage, its just not good for the car.
The memories are something that will never go away, but if the car finds a new happy home
it can go on to make memories for a new family, and that's cool.

The car shows quite well, but after 10 years of use it is not flawless.

It has been shown at local events and had won a few awards when it was first completed.