1967 VW Beetle Der Kleiner Panzers club Cal Look Legend

It the pages of Cal Look History the Der Kleiner Panzers club name is perhaps the most well
celebrated as being the guys that really started it all.
Known from the very start as the club with the cleanest and fastest street VWs rolling through Orange County.
That legend lives on today with the club and the cars in it.
DKP III is the most recent version of the group, and it was put together around 1990 and the car in these photos was there
and has been there ever since. The owner is Orange County based and the car is at almost every meet.
This is a very rare opportunity to get a car that is truly from the "inner circle" of the club.

Black plate, California car since new and owned by the current owner since the 80's
this mild looking Java green 67 is a textbook example of the "sleeper" concept that
is so much a part of the Cal Look scene.

Clean and tidy...BRM wheels and a hit of a big exhaust poking out
but other than that...it could be a stocker.

The decklid is slightly lifted at the bottom for clearance and cooling, but you might not notice that at fisrt glance.

Underneath you can tell right away that this is not stock stuff.
The list of performance upgrades to this car is a mile long
and the owner states he has probably $25k into the mechanicals on this car!

Berg 5 speed transmission, yes...5 speed!
Built to the hilt to handle the horsepower of the engine... but more on that later.

Good fat sticky meats on the back!
And the timeless classic BRM wheel.

Club sticker in the window...

A few flaws here and there on this car...this is one that was built for "go" not for "show"

Remnants of a different mirror remain in the form of these holes... probably had one of those cool Talbot
style chrome bullet mirrors.

Lowered, but not slammed..

Body is overall quite straight.
Paint is good but not great.

67 convertible decklid is a rare part indeed.

Nice eh?

1967 being one of the "best" years in many people's eyes...this is an attractive package.

Sitting on the lawn of an Orange County tract home...is this 1971 or 2011?

BRM wheels are the aluminum versions from Flat 4.

Fenderwells are solid...good virgin metal under this car!

Side of the spare tire well shows signs of perhaps some slight repair..

Adjustable front beam.

Body tag

Washer bottle

Gas cap


You can see that a couple of the fender bolts have standard nuts on the backside.
I believe the passenger side front fender and the hood were replaced at one point
in the car's lifetime. They looks like good original parts though.

Matching spare...

Bottomside of the hood.

Trunk liner and wiring cover are clean.

Original chrome ringed dome light.

Seats are done in brown basketweave.

Original paint in the jams and inside...one respray outside in the original color.

Original retractable seatbelts

Original Empi GTV wheel...not a reproduction!

Berg 5.
A 5 speed trans in a Beetle is something not many get to experience...but once you do, you remember it!
This is the locking shifter too by the way.

Stock and simple

Door jams are very solid.

Door panels in nice shape.

The interior is livable..not show stuff, but there is a benefit to that
in that if you want to scare the crap out of a passenger with a fast run down the boulevard,
you dont have to worry about wrecking the seats...and with them being brown and all...well, you get the idea!

1500cc... yeah right!

A couple rips in the seats from the hog rings on the seat backs...

Detail of the rips

Carpet in the rear compartment.

Battery cut off switch.

Clean dash with factory block off plate

Speedometer is original and shows mileage at 56,000 and change.
Actual mileage on the car is probably higher.

No rust in the door jams

Headliner appears to be original and in nice shape.

GT wheel is very nice!

Cool Empi speed warning badge

Body has a couple of small dings and scratches...but overall is straight and solid.

Solid floors

Love to find a dry chassis like this!

The underside of the engine is very very clean!

Traction bars, trans supports, deep oil sump, ceramic coated exhaust system...

Billet aluminum decklid stand off.

Clean under the lid

HUGE Weber carbs on polished manifolds

Bosch 010 distributor

The classic Cal Look serious performance engine.
Not too flashy, but very clean and built to run hard and fast.
The engine specs will be posted shortly...but in a nutshell, this is
a low 13second quarter mile car, fully dressed with all the stock trim and everything in place!

A1 stainless muffler.

Original bumpers and nice Empi accessory bars.

Clear title and current registration on the original black California plates that have been with the car since new.

Amber topped taillight lenses

H4 flat headlights,

Original German Hella headlight rings

Paint flaw on the hood

DKP badge

Glass is all very good...rubbers too.

Well over two litres of displacement and built by the very best of the best here in So Cal
Only the best parts, only the most skilled hands, properly tuned and ready to impress.

So there you have it...solid, complete, fantastic history and serious performance.
This may look like another basic old Beetle on BRMs...but in fact this is the car that all those guys
want theirs to be like! The car is one thing...you can build one to look like it....but the history is something you cant replicate.

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