1959 VW 23 Window Barn Find

You have heard the term "the right place at the right time" before most certainly
and when it comes to finding old cars hidden out of view, this always comes into play.
There are many thousands of cars for sale online...fishing in that sea is easy
but when it comes to the un-fished ponds around the country...you just gotta be there first hand when the fish start jumping.

One such lucky fisherman lives in rural Illinois and grew up in the neighborhood
among the trees and nature's beauty.  One house in the neighborhood had remained vacant for years
and as a young man this fellow had peeked in the windows and cracks of the barn and saw something cool.

With nobody around, there was no one to talk to, but a short time back there was some action at the property.
The place had been sold to a real estate investor that wanted the place cleaned out before he re-sold it.
Being in that "right place at the right time" this fellow struck a deal on the old car in the shed.

The shed was literally starting to return to the earth and I am certain that it would not be long before it fell
so great care was taken to reveal the hidden treasure without injury.
First a couple of boards on the side were removed...