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This is a gorgeous example of an early Super Beetle!

Located near Sacramento California, this car has had a lot of love and attention put it's way.

The restoration was done just a few years back...pulled down to a shell and properly repainted in the original color.
(its first repaint since new)
and all new window rubber and seals and everything done to it.

Top quality parts used throughout and while the stock appearance was kept,
the performance aspects were upgraded to make it a very enjoyable driver in today's fast paced world.

The front suspension rides just slightly lower than stock and the modifications are as follows
Suspension upgrades: All rubber bushings have been replaced with urethane bushings.
 The rubber idler arm bushing has been replaced with a bronze one. The front of the car was lowered about 2-1/2 inches with Maxx struts from Topline.
Other changes: tie rod flip kit, caster plus bushings, camber plus bushings, 7/8 " front sway bar, 3/4" rear sway bar.
The owner I even welded the lugs on to the strut housings to use the proper brake hose and speedo cable arrangements for the struts.
This car has never had the dreaded super beetle shimmy and because of that the body is very solid.
Custom one piece strut tower brace. Press in wheel studs too. Front brakes are Ghia type disc brake conversion.
Rear brakes are type three drums. All wheels will lock up in panic braking situations. German master cylinder. Stainless braided Teflon  brake hoses.
This car will go 100mph and is stable at that speed.
Everything done to this car was done by the owner after careful research.
The owner has been a car crafter since high school (early sixties) and has done many other cars besides this one. all of them successfully.

In about 2003 the owner disassembled the car and painted it the original color (L-54 Marinablau)
with PPG 2 stage paint over the excellent original paint (which  makes for a superior primer to anything available now)
 and reassembled it with all new body rubber. German running boards, new interior and later model tinted windows from a 77 standard.
All of the sheet metal is German and straight. Owner put oversized hinge pins in on the drivers side door.
Window scrapers are all new and so is the rubber seal on the vent windows.
He even used replacement chrome trim in the glass gaskets for the original look making sure the car retained it's youthful beauty.
Although it is equipped with Recaro seats, he still has the excellent originals too.
It has a modern stereo in the original uncut opening and a new dash pad.
wiper motor and switch were recently replaced.
The ignition switch and cylinder were replaced and I even used Rabbit lock cylinders in the doors and engine lid lock, resetting the pins to match the ignition key.
No filing of cylinder tumbler pins was done to them either as is common practice.
The bottom of the luggage area in back has been replaced because of rust caused by the leaking original rear window.
The car has never been in an accident.
Steering wheel is 1969 (hard rubber, no cracking) modified to fit "71 column with leather cover over foam plastic cover (comfortable).

Great looking ride!

The original owners manual is included along with manuals and a long line of service records and receipts
for the work performed during the restoration.

Even a couple of original sales brochures!

The custom front strut brace gives some stiffer structure to the body in cornering.
It looks cleanly installed and is a good idea in these cars.
The paint in the trunk here looks to be the original finish.

The original paint code tag proves that.

Original paint in the gas door area as well...

Windshield washers work!!
(a nearly miraculous thing with an old  VW)

The car has a modern audio system with an amplifier stored here in the trunk.

The stock seats are in nice shape and the interior is clean.

No signs of rust under the hood in the spare tire well area.

Rear seat excellent

Shown with the seats out you can see the nice carpet and the clean dash.

New runningboards, nice clean door panels.

Original production sticker

Body is very straight and smooth.

I see some wrinkling in the back corner of the headliner...but Im being picky...when the rear seat is up you dont notice it.

The owner has a very comfortable set of Recaro seats for the car as well that slide on to the stock tracks.

I like the added instrumentation and the fire extingusher for safety,

Dome light even works on the car!

Now here is where the car gets really fun!

Here are the engine specs...
The engine is 2017cc made with quality parts 17,000 miles ago and has been problem free.
78.4 mm CB chromoly crank, CB Unitech rods, 90.5 Mahle P&C's Web cam 163 grind.
CB 044 heads w/ 40mm intake and 35.5 exhaust valves 1-1/2 inch heater boxes, BAS Ahnendorp German aftermarket exhaust,
Mallory Unilite pre-2007 distributor and dual Dellorto 40 mm carburetors.
The engine has a compression ratio of 8.6-1 and the deck height was set at .046 in. The case is a 1975 fuel injection case.
There is a Kennedy stage 1 clutch on a lightened VW flywheel and HD throwout fork.
The trans is a KCR freeway flier beefed up for 150 hp.
The trans works very good. The owner wanted an engine that was reliable, torquey and mild mannered and it is all of that and more.

Stock jack is in place...battery area is clean and dry.

Always stored indoors.

Here are the Recaro seats with the stock mounts...very nice.

Underside is very dry and properly put together.

Here you can see the added sway bar and the  deep sump.

Floorpans are very very solid.

The German performance exhaust is a great set up as it uses the stock cut outs in the apron yet allows the engine to breathe as it needs to for the added performance.

Auxillary oil filter.

The car has been a fairly prolific award winner as you can see here.

Dash is very clean and well appointed.

I think I would run these seats in it over the stock ones...nice support and sporty looks to match the performance.

H4 halogen headlights

Apron looks very clean

A scant few stone chips if you look very close, but the car has certainly been
well treated by it's adult owner.

Tires are good

Chrome is excellent

Glass and rubber too...

Nice chrome wheels with stock hubcaps.

High quality rubber underneath.

Check out the way that exhaust comes out...looks just like the factory tweeter pipes!!

What a happy face!!

In closing this looks to be a wonderfully solid example that has a known history and well done mechanical upgrades
with all the receipts and details behind it. The owner states that it is a true "turn key" car that is ready to enjoy.
Great looks, strong performance...this car is going to be a blast for the new owner!!

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