1978 VW  Landmark Camper For Sale

The Landmark Camper is a little known California based camper conversion
that was done in the late 70's on a scant few VW Busses.
Landmark was better known for Van Conversions on US Model vans,
but when the gas crunch of the late 70's hit...they tried their hand at VWs.

The press slammed the vehicle for it's high price and poor performance and the model was short lived.
Ive not been able to find production numbers anywhere, but in all my online searching
I have found probably no more than about 10 examples...and have only seen three in person.

This particular example is an incredible survivor...this is original paint!!

Sold new at Don Sharp VW in Carlsbad, it has spent its whole life in the San Diego area.

The 2.0 litre engine runs well and has been properly serviced.

Pretty clean in here!

The Landmark features many unique attributes not seem on other campers...like this swanly 70's
fat biscuit stitched padded headliner!!

A rear rack mounted ladder...

That lifts up with the hatch.

Minimalistic roof rack.
(some minor rust on the chrome here)

There is a scant bit of surface rust on this rear edge of the rain gutter...but that is about it on the whole Bus.
it is incredibly solid!

Here is a shot of the owner, an older gentleman that is the 2nd owner since new.
He has pampered it and loved it like a member of the family.

The Bus is pretty much all stock with the only changes being the red painted wheels
(wheels are original by the way...they just were not red)
and the rear bed has been changed from original layout.

The body is in impressive condition.
Note that the chrome on the front bumper is a bit faded.
There is a bike rack that attaches to the front...that is what the black thing is all about.

Very solid underneath!

Interior panelling is all original and in impressive shape.
Originally there was a side mounted cabinet with a wet bar and sink in the back...but this has been removed.

The padded headliner is pure 70's love shack stuff...you gotta love it!!

The original short Z bed and cabinets were removed in the back and this nice upholstered flat bed installed with storage spots below.

Originally there would have been four of these "captain's chairs" inside the Bus...now there are just threee.
They have been very nicely re-upholstered and are super comfortable.

The front seats are the matching units and they swivel so you can turn them back towards the living area.

Fantastic 70's lighting.

The rear lights I dont believe are original but they sure look cool.

Small dent on the rear corer and a crack on the taillight lense
thisis probably the biggest bit of body damage and it is just a wee little thing.

Under the engine seems pretty normal...a level of grime
but no signs of huge leaks or issues.

Bottom of the Bus is extremely solid.
Under the panel in the center is a part of the original air conditioning system...yes  A/C!!

Here is a close up of the great  spot lights!

Modern CD player audio unit in the dash.
The Micronta digital clock is original to the conversion as well.

Here you can see the A/C vents. The owner states that it works,
but works a bit intermittantly.
Being in San Diego where the climate is so amazing he really never needs to use it.

Front floors look very clean...original mat in nice shape.

Original warning labels.

The Captain's chairs are the coolest things ever!!
Put on your leisure suit and you will be the hottest dude at the disco in this machine!!!

Love it!!

Dash woodgrain is really nice...I have not seen this before in a Landmark, but it appears to be original.

The rear mounted spare tire and the ladder...this is pure Americana Van stuff!!

The color combination is fantastic.
They only built them in two color combos...white with blue and white with brown.
The stripes and graphics on this one look fantastic and it is hard to believe it is all original...but I believe it is!!


The swing out rear tire carrier...too cool.
Notice that the license plate is mounted to the side to clear the wheel when back in place.

Roof  rack is pretty slick!

Love the ladder!

Note the trailer hitch behind as well.

Original tags.

National Coach was the company that did the Landmark Conversions.
Based in Carson California, they serviced mostly the West Coast dealers.

Originally the wheels were a natural aluminum finish. The red is bright and fun, but not original.

Original plate frames front and rear.

Original air conditioning system sticker in the window.

Tires are very good on all corners.

Original Landmark logo sticker on the one side.

Pretty Bus!
In closing this is a pretty incredible opportunity to acquire one of the rarest late bay Campers in the world.
It is in excellent condition and the paint being all original is a massive bonus.

$15,000 obo

For More Info...CALL
or email oldbug@earthlink.net