This is a 1978 VW "Landmark" Camper
The Landmark was a very limited production conversion van that was produced in California
for a short period of time in the late 1970's by the National Coach Company.
In essense a "coachbuilt" model that was sold through local VW dealers.
In their day they were wildly expensive and loaded to the brim with special details.
Today it is perhaps one of the rarest of the "Late Bay" VWs out there.
Estimates of less than a dozen remaining in the world today.
In my searching online I have come up with about 7 examples...and of those only a few are operational
and only two retaining their complete original interiors!!

This magazine article from the period tells the Landmark story and I must say they did not talk too sweetly about it.
Two of the biggest sore spots in the article refer to the price (over $10,000 in 1978!) and the performance, which paled in comparison to the US brand Vans of the day.

Fun to see the specifications and the original photos.

This example was discovered in Southern California where it has been it's whole life.
It is all original and unrestored, with only the most minor "touch ups" to make it look as you see it here.

The rear mounted spare and the ladder are original to the conversion.
(the spare tire cover is new)
The original rear bumper had some surface rust, so an NOS original chrome bumper was located and installed.

It is a very unique model that captures the 70's era brilliantly.

The graphic paint scheme was a Landmark trademark of sorts...similar designs were used on the American brand vehicles
that they converted.

The graphics were faded when discovered and have now been revived,
but the white paint on the body is all original German finish.

The blue California plates have been on the car since new and there has been three owners since it rolled off the showroom floor.

One of the most impressive parts about the Van is the solidity of the body and chassis.
This is one seriously SOLID example. No welding EVER!

It is a time warp find in many ways...both in the style and the condition.

The respray of the graphics was done fact the light color in the stripes is original
while the two browns have been resprayed and then a clearcoat over that and the stripes.
I must admit the finish is not perfect, but the look is very consistant and the design and colors are extremely accurate to the original.

There is some paint fade on the roof and high spots, but being original finish, it is nice to see it as it is.

Along the edge of the windshield rubber there was a bit of surface rust holes of any sort, just surface stuff that flawed the paint.
This has been cleaned and lightly brush touched up to keep things tidy. This and a few stone chips are about the only spots of the white that
have anything other than the original paint.
Wiper blades are new and they are functional.

The side view mirrors were originally painted white to match the body!
These have a fresh coat of paint on them but are the original mirrors to the vehicle.

Here is a detail of the minimal paint fade on the door tops.

Here is a sneak peek inside the Camper...the sink and wall cabinet next to the fold out bed...

Cooler mounted in place in the cabinet

Original shag carpeting!!
The carpet had faded and spotted here and there so it was shampooed and then re-dyed rather than being replaced with something
that would lack the true look of the 70's shag which is impossible to find today.

The vehicle is totally untouched rust or repairs or fresh undercoating or anything like that.
Nothing to hide!!

Extremely solid.

The original body tag was carefully reproduced as the original had faded.

Underside of engine and trans has normal grime.
New oil filter and fresh oil inside.

The 14" aluminum "Western Turbine" wheels are the correct and proper rims for the conversion.
These have been paint detailed and brand new tires on all four corners.

The glass is all original to the Bus...the windshield having a brown fade tint to the top edge!

Very inique looking camper to be sure.
No mater what show you bring this will stand out in the crowd!

Never lowered or modified in any way...all stock and correct.

The body is amazingly straight   only a scant few dings here and there.

The interior is pure 70's swank...check out the padded headliner!
It is a factory sunroof Bus as well which is great fun.
This also allows for an easy installation of a pop top of you wanted to expand the party house on wheels to new levels.

That headliner is my favorite bit on the an asylum or cool.
Check out the mood lighting as well!

The door cards are also similarly padded.
The seats are all Captains Chair style and swivel!

The Landmark logo!

The seats being adjustable and such makes for many different ways to hang out.
And the rear bench converts to a bed!

Even the drivers seat swivels!
The material on the seating surfaces is new, but the vinyl on the backs and sides is original.

Star Trek all the way!!

The cabinet in the back holds three bottles and three drinking glasses...your own little bar right next to the bed!

Now that you have seen the proper interior, you can see that the fancy paint on the outside
is just the start of what makes a Landmark so special.

The rear ladder is awesome and the rear mounted spare swings out to allow access to the engine.

Under the engine lid...the original VW emission sticker for California.

Engine room is really quite clean, even in the corners.
Brand new battery installed.

Just a scant bit of surface rust on the panels back here but no weakening of the metal.
Electric fuel pump and a new pressure regulator installed to feed the two barrel progressive carburator.
A nice upgrade over the complex original fuel injection system.

Battery tray is very solid underneath.

2.0 litre engine runs very smooth!
Transmission and clutch are fact the clutch disc is brand new.
Brakes are very good and the steering is tight.

A view from the top of the engine through the access panel.
Air cleaner is new, fresh intake boots on the manifolds too
All new engine to body seal in the compartment as well.

With seats facing forward..."Captain...prepare for Warp Speed!"

Padded material continues on the back panels.
The woodgrain panel on this same side does have some delamination happening by the way.

Here she is with the hatch up and the tire swung out of the way.

Wise words!
The maufacturer put on this decal to warn you to watch your head wwhen closing the hatch...that ladder can give you a mighty whack if you arent paying attention!

The rear mounted spare is the original...also interesting to see the offset mounted number plate to allow for clear viewing
And no holes from a previous mounting...this is all as-original.


The windshield features a matching brown tinted fade strip along the top!
Glass is all good by the way.

The carpeted dash cover is an original one from the era as well and it has done a fatastic job of keeping the dash nice underneath!

OK...leets peek under the mats...dreamy original paint finish!

Wheel arches are super solid as well!

Look at those factory spot weld dimples along the rocker edge...when I say this is a solid rust free example...I mean it!
The biggest bit of body damage on the whole body is the light scrape/dent you see here just at the back edge of the long panel.

The sunroof works well by the way and has a brand new felt seal and handle installed.

Plastic knob is missing on the left side opening quarter light.

These window cranks are the original chrome units.

Speakers in the panels

This switch operates the mood lighting inside.

Original production decal in the door jam.

The folding armrests are awesome!

Original carpet up front too.
Front kick panels have been recovered to match the seats.
New brake and clutch pedal pads.

Dash and steering wheel are in very nice condition.

Right side door packet has a hole in it, but other than that it is original and pretty nice.
The grab handle is actually the original installed during the conversion...I may replace these with factory VW ones as they would look cleaner.

Floors are fantastic!

Brown dash cover.

Delaer location booklet in the glove box.

This sticker was under the dash...I liked it so I left it!

There is one wear through spot at the heel on the carpet.
This carpet was glued to the original rubber floor mat when new.

Overhead lighting is ever so cool.

And yes...fully functional.

Rear light as well,

radio in the dash is not original but probably dates back to the mid 80's...and works!
I believe the mount underneath was for a dash mounted digital clock that was all the rage in 1978.

Original decals on the steering column support.

Steering wheel itself in great shape.

Love those swivel seats!

In closing this is a very unique Camper that really captures the era perfectly.
It is a very rare machine indeed, even here in California where they were built.
In my 25+ years in the VW scene I can honestly say I can only recall seeing three of them in the flesh...and this is the only one I have seen
personally in this color combination, and the only one with all the original interior.

A rare opportunity to buy a very rare that will be the talk of the show!

11,500 GBP..including delivery to the UK.

Vehicle will be on display at Vanfest in Malvern in September and the best offer by the end of the show will take it (if it has not been sold prior).

ALL offers considered...dont be shy!