Original Early "Burro" Dune Buggy

One of the earliest production Dune Buggies is the Burro, built in Costa Mesa California.
This particular Burro has a lot of history. It was owned by surf legend Dale Velzy and was a toy he used
in the California desert in one of his favorite hang outs, Pioneer Town.
In fact years ago this Burro was outfitted with Pioneer Town graphics on the front hood which you can
still see remnants of. Pioneer Town was a popular spot for filming Western films and has played host
to many a movie star over the years. Who knows how many of them may have had a ride in this car.

Ive done a good bit of research on the Burro and will be posting some of my finds on this page shortly
as well as a more complete description of this particular car. Until then, please take the time to look
at the photos of the beast. Its not a phenomenal show car or anything, but it has some serious character
and you certainly cant find a car that is more fun to drive...and it is street legal which makes it even better.

Stay tuned for the details!

$6500 obo

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