1955 Porsche 356 Continental Coupe For Sale

Arguably one of the most beautiful German sports cars of all time,
the early Porsche 356 is a exercise in style and simplicity that started it all for
the car maker and truly built legends.

When it comes to icons such as the Porsche, the earliest models are highly prized.

This car, an extremely rare 1955 US spec Continental "Pre A" is a true jewel.

Restored in the late 80's before the age of reproduction parts, it was very well done
and extremely well cared for and still shows beautifully with only the slightest hints to its age.

The car is documented as a Hoffman delivered car to New York.
The car is also verified to be restored in the original colors and that all numbers match.

It has a desirable Telefunken radio fitted that does power on
but is not currently making music...not that you miss it with the sounds of the engine and gearbox
that is super cool in these old cars.