Impressive VW Memorabilia Collection For Sale

Personal collection of Volkswagen History and memorabilia from Volkswagen Germany, United States and Canada.
On going collection over the last 40 years and lovingly mounted in 23 glass enclosed black aluminum framed boxes.
Items include from Wolfsburg past and near present, pieces from past VW Classics in Irvine,
silver coins, gold pins, Porsche calendar coins,
Blistered packed Hot wheels and rare blistered packed Johnny Lightning Bug Bomb.
Personalized plates, pens, Herbie items and many various die casts.
Original sugar cubes from the employee cafeteria at the Wolfsburg factory in the fifties.
Factory tour pin, fuel level dip sticks, Bus nose emblem,
OEM promotional items, crests, key chains,
including over 15 watches, 4 of which are different 100,000 km client watches (Elgin, Mauthe, Junghans, Laco)!

This is an incredible collection that would be insanely difficult to recreate, if not be impossible.
The value of the items individually probably far eclipse the total asking price
but it would be a shame to split it all up as it is so wonderfully well put together.

Looking for a good home where these treasures can be shared and shown.
Would be perfect within a VW dealership or museum.
Would be amazing in the right home or man cave as well.

Take a peek at the pics..there is a lot of cool stuff here.