Rat-Rod VW Beetle for Sale.

If you've not been buried in a hole for the past year, Im sure you have seen the latest rage in the VW scene.. the Hot Rod Look.
Inspired by the classic Hot Rods (like Hi-Boy 32 Fords and such) this scene is growing and in my opinion it is truly awesome.
This Hi-Boy roadster Beetle in these photos was one of the first cars of it's type to hit the scene here in Southern California
and it has more soul to it than most any other one built yet. Its a real creative masterpiece..done the way it should be,
without plans, with a limited budget, and countless late-light hours and more creativity than you could ever box up and sell.

Based on a 1970 Sedan, this car has been truly transformed.
It gets some major looks on the road, and with style like this it's no wonder why.
The owner/builder of this car has driven it everywhere...it's been to all the major So Cal VW events
as well as many Hot Rod events and has even made the trip out to Vegas for the Bug-o-Rama...its a great runner.

So cool...obviously a departure from the kind of cars we normally have on the website, but
I have to admit...I really really like this look.

Great stance with the big and little wide whitewalls and the dropped front end.
Definitely a fair weather car...no top, no creature comforts, this is not your Mama's New Beetle...

Denman tires (very high quality) on stock rims with baby moon hubcaps.

Smaller Denman wide whites on the front.

Low mounted chrome headlight buckets.
Cool cast aluminum Hot Rod Club plate.

Front end has been masterfully reconstructed, flipping the trailing arms forward.

A rack and pinion steering set-up has been installed as well.
All of this work is well done and appears to be bquite overbuilt with safety in mind.

The rear apron has been wildly reformed all in steel.
This is a style of modification seen on many of the 50's and 60's customs by Big Daddy Roth, George Barris and Bill Cusheberry.

The Iron Cross Taillights are an awesome touch..


The pinstriping and artwork on the car is beautifully done!
The skull with the German helmet is all hand painted.

More great graphics and flames down the sides.

Awesome dashboard with centrally mounted gauges from an old Porsche and more stylish pinstriping.

Von Dutch inspired eyeball in the center and a cool steering wheel spinner knob.

Detail of the gauges...check out the steel spikes in the centers!!

Extra tall shifter (and a pair of handcuffs...)

Tuck and roll seats in the classic style.
Drivers seat is splitting up a little but it almost adds to the style.
(one of the great things about a car like this...wear and tear becomes added patina...a bonus instead of a drawback)
Check out the matching driver's helmet...

Rear seat also in puffy tuck and roll diamond pattern design.

Spun aluminum Moon style fuel tank behind the seat.
Check out the awesome reshaping of the rear here...very nicely done and again, all in steel...very strong.

Door tops have been rolled and filled nicely.

It cant be a Hot Rod with a stock height windshield can it?
Chopped windscreen looks great.

A couple of well placed cool stickers add to the look.
Check out the steel spikes that fill the wiper shaft holes!

Flames flames flames!!

Damn this is a cool ride...I wonder what old Ferdinand Porsche would have thought of this?

Very strong running engine and drivetrain.
This car really scoots...a fun driver to be sure.

Bosch 009 distributor featers a Pertronix pointless electronic ignition.
An electric fuel pump has been installed as well.

Nice aluminun degreed crank pully.
Full flow oil pump with a nice external oil cooler and electric fan.

Dual exhaust exits just in front of the rear wheels...very cool.

Here's a detail of the underbelly showing the exhaust set up as well as the floorpan and stuff.

In closing this is truly an awesome creation.
A great budget custom (or should I say "Kustom"?) that will draw a serious crowd
at any automotive event. The Hot Rod guys dig it, the VW guys dig it...nothing but positive responses.
Tons of fun, tons of creativity and tons of innovation put into this machine.
Its not a glossy high digit show car...and thats what makes it so cool.

$4,250 obo
(price just reduced for a fast sale...so grab it quick!)

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