1955 VW Beetle For Sale

We see a lot of wonderful VWs come through our website, but every now and then there is a car that stops us cold.
This all original 55 Beetle has certainly done that.

The car is located here in Southern California in the hands of a lifetime VW collector and restorer.
I have had a chance to see this in person and it is truly stellar.
All original inside and out... original paint, original interior, original everything (except tires)
and it is extremely well preserved.

This is a rare opportunity to own what is arguably one of the most well kept, factory original,
Oval Window Semaphore turn signal Beetles on the market, wearing its factory original German paint. 
Vehicle Identification number 1862093.

Presented in a striking color combination of L41 black with leatherette red upholstery,
as seen on the Volkswagen STIFTUNG AUTOMUSEUM “Fahrzeug-Identitats-Urkunde” (Birth Certificate) included with the car.

The car is outfitted with a wonderful variety of rare period accessories.

Number 1862093 was delivered new to the original New York owner who obsessively maintained,
garaged and covered the car for a period of over forty years in a dry environment. 
Meticulous subsequent ownership has followed suit as well.

The stellar overall surviving original condition of the car supports the current odometer reading of 38,945 miles.

Yes, there are expected 60 year old superficial bumps and bruises from use, to be found on the car, but the photos speak for themselves.

The car is a testament to the care it has received since new,  and for the past 60 years.
It runs and drives as well as it presents.

It is understood the car was used primarily to be towed behind the original owner’s Cortez motor home during summer camping season,
which is reflected by the presence of light road rash directly beneath each headlight on the front apron area, as seen in photos. 
A large percentage of the current mileage occurred while carefully being towed.

Rare German Hella driving lights on the front bumper certainly add some character.

The matching Hella brake light on the rear is a fantastic item
and a very useful one considering the size and location of the 55 only US market taillights.

The engine (# 1-1038655) is understood to be original to the car, and truly runs strong, smooth and very quiet, the way a VW should.
Stone cold or warm, the car starts without hesitation.
This is a VERY nice driving car without squeaks or rattles.

Recent maintenance includes 30 wt Detergent oil/filter change and transaxle flush/ refill with 90 wt hypoid gear oil.
The engine room is wonderfully clean and original.

Correct large nut generator and pulley, the round regulator is also correct .
Manual choke carburetor, original instructional decal on the air filter.

Very clean and dry underneath this engine!

Transaxle is the original numbers matching split case unit.

1955 was the final year for the Beetle single tip exhaust.

The chassis is wonderfully solid and clean.

The chassis has received a recent layer of undercoat to preserve the original sheet metal.

While this was done, the original Kamax hardware was cad-plated and then re-installed.

Photos shown here show the chassis prior to this undercoating.
A light surface rust dusting was starting to form and in the eyes of future preservation,
this was cleaned, neutralized and then coated so that it would not progress into something further.

As you can see...the chassis was phenomenally solid with no weakness of the metal or damage.

Considering the New York history of this car in it's early life...a chassis this solid is miraculous.
Further testament to the care that the car received by it's original owner.

Now fresh and clean it is good to go for generations to come.

The original trunk liner/wiring cover is included in the sale.
(was just removed for the photos to reveal how amazing the back of the dash is.

Original jack and handle in the cloth bag...just incredible.

Spare tire well is extremely solid and straight with no signs of damage or repair.

Latches and all fittings are untouched and in the original finishes.

Details such as this on an all original car provide a wealth of information
on how the factory truly did things.
These details often get lost in translation from year to year and restoration to restoration.

When have you seen a "restored" Beetle with the original style sealing putty under the emblem tabs?
My guess is never...

Glove box is in fantastic original undisturbed condition, always protected by the original trunk liner
which was carefully removed just for this photo shoot.

Original date coded speedometer.

Car retains the original fuel tank and visual inspection shows as new condition internals due to proper storage regimen.
The full and complete original tool roll is present.

Build date is April 21, 1955 and the car left the factory on April 25,1955 bound for the U.S.
as seen in original factory yellow grease pencil markings behind spare tire (surrounding and beneath the I.D. tag). 
Per the certificate, M code option # 107 (Ram protection)
denotes U.S. Spec. bumpers accompanied by code # 020 (U.S. spec MPH speedometer).

All matching numbers!

Typically, the Birth Certificate displays no engine number. 
Research indicates the factory sequential stamped number in the block casting shows this to be the correct powerplant

M code # 018 indicates a larger reflector in the brake indicator lights housed inside very short production run,
 egg shaped lenses versus flat, soon to follow in production. 
This larger reflector was to compensate for the relative obstruction of the U.S. bumpers. 
The tail lights and their factory placement low on the fenders, are considered somewhat of an oversight during production,
 making this an oddball production car. 
Volkswagen designers elected to simply move the tail lights up the fender in subsequent production, for increased visibility.

Paint finish remains deeply glossy and again, is all original.

M code # 094 indicates “Lockable rear flap handle”.
The factory issued original key (stamped #SG230),  operates the door and ignition as well, as seen in photo at the bottom of this page.

Wheels are as they should be in color and tire fittment.

Ever so light scratches on the drivers door...as stated, it is not "flawless", but it is as honest and original as you could ever dream.

Semaphore turn signals are fully functional.

Very slight wear at the driver's door top, but rubber seals and trim are all in fantastic condition.

The glass in the car is all the original big logo Sekurit stuff. including the windshield.
Period accessory vent wing locks have been instealled.

Look at the condition of this original rubber...impressive!

A sneak peek inside at the gorgeous dashboard... more interior photos to come below.

1956 inspection sticker on the windshield.

Look at the cleanliness here in this detail of the wiper base.
This car has had truly fanatical care during it's life.

Proper 101 marking on the dealer installed side mirror.

Excellent bias ply rubber on all four wheels.

The light peppering of stone chips under the headlight are clues to it's rides behind the original owners camper.

Chrome is excellent on the bumpers.

What a stunning example this is... WOW!

Stepping inside the amazing original details and condition continue.

Custom individual wool covers were created for each seating area when the car was new, in the name of preservation all these years.
  The results of this effort show clearly to this day as the original upholstery is in astounding condition.

A slight seam split is staring at the leading edge of the drivers seat.
A skilled upholstery shop could easily stitch this up if you wished to repair it.

Original interior this nice on an early car is simply unheard of!

The dash is loaded with amazing accessories!

The minor wear detail on the original steering wheel.

Perohaus dash clock is a very desirable accessory.
The Blaupunkt radio below is in fantastic condition but is not currently functional...it appears that an antenna was never installed outside!

St Christopher badge on the ashtray is another great historical item.
Note how the glove box still retains its "fuzz".

Original carpets and mats!

The original mohair headliner is in shockingly nice shape!

The interior simply blows me away...and that color combo of red against the black is fantastic.


Original inspection marks remain under the seat.

Inspection tag still under the seat springs.

Back outside...what a beauty.

Being offered by private seller
Car is registered in the state of California wearing 1955 vintage California plates shown.
Inspection is encouraged by appointment, and International buyers are welcome.


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For More details and information or to arrange a private viewing
Call 951 767 1600
or email oldbug@earthlink.net