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This sweet Karmann Ghia has always been here in Southern California and always in the hands of it's original owner!
That is right...a 1 owner car since new!!

Very clean and solid and it is quite original as well.
Interior is all original, the car was repainted once on the outside only.

The car was sitting for quite a while over recent years...the owner driving another car and leaving the Ghia in the garage.

It was recently removed from storage and gone through to get it up and running and detailed up and prepared for sale.

Its a beautiful car...great colors and the history is very fun.

Here is a photo of the car where it was stored for the past 18 years.
It was kept under cover in a parking garage in North Hollywood.
Started occasionally but just sitting the majority of the time.
A bot of dust made it through the cover but it remained out of the elements and was well preserved and protected.

Here is a photo of the owner. She bought this car brand new and it has been her "baby" the whole time.
She is as sweet as the car I assure you! What a pair!
She spent her life working in the film industry and the little Ghia came with her through all of it.
It was seen in the background of films and commercials and such over the years as well!

The car shows clues of this history in the form of parking permits in the window.

Here are a couple on the mirror as well.
I love history like this...it just gives the car some character and emotion.
Think of where it has been and what it has seen!

Chrome is bright on the car.

Rear bumper

New tires all the way around.
Here on the fender edge is a bit of a scratch that has been touched up.
(touch up paint included by the way)

Under the hood

A little dusty perhaps but all in order.

The car did have one very light tap in the nose at one point...just a parking lot bump
and you can see from inside the nose that the repair work was done very well indeed.

Outside the nose is superb.

Originally there would be a trunk liner in here...reproductions are available and that would dress up the
trunk here quite well with minimal effort. The original spare wheel and tire are included in the sale by the way.

Under the nose

The trim on the plate light is a bit dinged up...there is a touched up paint chip just to the right of the light.

Hard to see what this photo is about...but this is the battery in the engine compartment.
There is a small rust spot right under the corner of the battery.
The metal surrounding it is still sound and the battery is firm
but there is a little hole there from some battery acid damage.
The rest of the car is phenomenally solid and rust free!

The engine is the original 1600cc unit, all stock and it runs well.
This car has the Auto Stick transmission which is great for those that dont like the clutch.
Very easy to drive and it works well. 

Interior is all original and has held up well.
The back seat is in great shape as is the little luggage area behind it.

Front seats show a little wear as you would expect, but they have held up remarkably well.

I love the color combination of the green with the tan interior...really sweet.

The original carpet is still in place as well as a set of original coco mats.
The carpet could use some cleaning and you can see there is some damage to the lower dash pad on the side here.
The woodgrain on the dash looks great.
Check out the accessory Wolfsburg crest wood shift knob...this was ordered with the car as were the mats!

Headliner and visors look great.

Dash pad has some hefty cracks...but replacement pads are readily available.

Here is a close up of the woodgrain and the lower dash pad damage spot.

Very fun car to drive!

Original owners manual.

82,000 miles on the odometer

Service receipts and such in the glove box.
Oh...one issue...the little lever that opens the front hood broke...it mounts here in the glove box.
The glove box is sound it is just the plastic lever that broke.

The original radio was stolen years ago, and at the time the owner replaced it with a high quality
Blaupunkt cassette player.
Note the silver button under the dash...this operates the horn.

Door panels are holding up well.

Quite nice for being original!

Production date decal in the door jam.

The wood rim steering wheel was installed at the dealer when the car was new...same with the shift knob,
floor mats, and aluminum wheels.
The owner wanted it loaded!

Underside of the engine...dirty but dry.

Floorpans and rocker panels are very very solid and show no repairs.

Extremely solid example.

And what a stunner from the top side!

The paint polished up well.
There are a few stone chips and things like that, but it looks very nice.
I did notice up close there are some water spots on the paint surface...these should buff off with a bit of compound,
I was a bit fearful of really buffing hard into it...probably best to let a pro do the detail.

On the passenger side rear fender there is a scratch.

The Ghia body is so beautiful!

Here are a couple of parking permits on the rear bumper.

Under the engine lid.

Some engine room detail shots...everything is quite clean in here!

New battery.

New fuel lines and vacuum hoses. Engine has been serviced and tuned.

These wheels were installed at the dealer according to the owner.
These were designed for use on the Porsche 914.
They look great on the Ghia.

The body of this car is really in excellent shape...very straight and smooth.
There are just a couple minor "door dings" but really overall it is dreamy-straight.


Headliner is excellent

I love that wood rim wheel!!

I love the stickers too...I would so leave them in there!
Great conversation starter!

Nose is great,

Very pretty car.

I think a real good carpet shampoo would do wonders in here!
And perhaps replace the coco mats...new ones of those are available now as well.

Hard to see it in this photo but there are a couple small soft dings in the body here...door ding stuff.
It doesnt jump right out at you...you need to catch the light just right.

Same with the scratch on the back fender...there are a couple of deeper spots that have been touched up
and I think a good detail guy could buff this area out and remove the vast majority of the scratch.

This is the other paint flaw...
Im getting picky with it...the car is beautiful, but I want folks to know exactly what they are getting
and not have any surprises.

The title is clean and clear, no back fees, the owner has all that sorted out
so it is ready for an easy transfer.

It is a nice car, and it always has been.
Not a car that was patched together or rebuilt from junk.
It is a genuine, real deal, good honest solid California car with no hidden skeletons in the closet.
Being in the hands of the original owner is a special thing...she knows everything about it and has been with it
the whole time...and that to me is a massive "cool factor" part about the car.

In closing this is a great car with a great history and it stands proud after a fun and interesting life.
Where will it go next? What will it see?
Well...that is up to you!

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