1961 VW Beetle Ragtop For Sale

This Southern California based Beetle is a really sweet one indeed.
Beryl Green is the paint color and I am a massive fan of the combination...its just so pretty!!

Beautifully restored car inside and out with a lot of great touches and subtle upgrades.

Factory sunroof of course is the big bonus on this car.
These "ragtop" models are highly prized and are getting increasingly difficult to find
in any condition, let alone all stock, proper and cherry like this one.

So clean!

The seller included a few restoration shots to share such as this one of the interior
with the carpet and mats installed. My eye is drawn to the cleanliness of the seat tracks and controls.
The fit of it all looks great and of course it was done with the proper German square weave
materials and quality rubber floor mats just like the factory did t.

Even the padding underneath the rear carpets was done right.