1958 Euro Beetle Sedan For Sale

This is a very well known car not only in the So Cal VW scene, but around the globe.
Owned by a key member of the legendary German Folks VW Club.
"GFK" is very well known for having only the cleanest of cars, well built and detailed to the max and
usually well accessorized with period goodies. The other important factor is the ride height...it's got to be low.

The color is "Coral Red" and the paintwork is exceptional.
Very smooth and glassy, excellent panel fit and just plain ol nice as can be.

The "Resto-Cal" look defined.


The more you look the more you see.
Check out the rubber bumper guards, the chrome trim over the bumper brackets, the accessory horn grilles,
the Porsche Speedster headlight grilles over fluted Euro headlight lenses...a LOT of cool goodies on this car.

Arrow straight down the sides.

California yellow plates, EMPI plate frame, AAA National Award badge, GB bumper badge
accessory brakelight, the bumper guards and bumper bars and again the bumper bracket covers.

Chromed 5 spoke wheels with fat meats out back.

Cool accessory vent shade.

"Swan Neck" Mirrors.

Detail of the headlights.

Little skinnies up front tucked up nice and tight with a narrowed adjustable front beam.

Definitely well dressed and ready for the party.

Again a good shot showing the smoothness of the bodywork and paint.

The club logo.
Check out the accessory vent trims.

There is a reflection of some ugly bastard in the bumper chrome...but otherwise it looks sweet as can be.
I dont think it's there all the time though...(ha ha)

Taillights...yup it even has them.
Correct lights for a 58 model by the way...

Being a European model the car has semaphore turn signals...ever so cool
And of course they work.

Gorgeous restored wood slat roof rack.

Very tidy clamps.

And it is an original...has the VW logo and Made in Germany stamping.

Cute vintage style soda cooler has the looks of being tossed up on the rack for a picnic trip..but...

It is actually bolted to the rack.
What is nice about this is that it wont move around and scratch the rack and the rack wont scratch the cooler.
Easy to remove as well...two screws and it's off.

The car is low...quite low indeed.
Careful driving over speedbumps and steep driveways.
The front end features a 3 1/2" narrowed beam with adjusters and steering dampener (no shocks)
The rear has been adjusted one notch and has air shocks for adjustability.

Absolutely beautiful car dont you think?

Under hood

A bit of carpet lines the spare tire well. Everything is straight under there but not paint detailed.

The factory body tags and numbers are intact.

Original jack.

The gloss of the paint is awesome...like a shining little jewel.

Very clean engine compartment.
Engine is a rebuilt 40 horse that runs superbly.
Transmission is the stock "crash box" unit.
So it's not a road racer...it's built for style and reliability.

The engine detailing is very nice...super clean.

I love the velocity stack on the carb...a simple but cool addition.

Original early Empi fuel filter is a neat little goodie as well.

Original "H" apron is very straight and nice.

Fat Boy muffler out back.
(there's that ugly guy again...)

Bottom side of engine is very dry .

Floor pans are solid, show signs of a little patching perhaps but they are well done and undercoated to keep em good.

Not show detailed...but functional.

Up top it's show time.

Interior is super clean and is also well appointed with accessories
such as this Banjo steering wheel with Golden Lady horn button, the flower vase
under dash "Bambus" parcel tray, shifter extension, glove box grab handle
defroster vent accessories and more.

Note the fule lever extension as well.

Seats are excellent, done by Collins Auto Trim in Downey CA.
Very nice looking.

Cool accessory arm rest as well.

Rear seat matches of course and is as clean as the fronts.

Excellent headliner.

Day night rear view mirror shield is another cool widget.

Proper chrome ringed domelight is functional (obviously)

The door panels are originals!
In incredible condition for being the original stuff. The materials
that were used on the originals
in 1958 are not being reproduced, so going with clean original stuff is a great choice.

The door packet looks like it may heve been remade but the panels are the real thing!
Check out the door pulls at the top of the door...another great accessory.

Wolfsburg crest door sills are another nice touch.

More accessory bits!

H pattern heater knob is a cool deal.

Carpet is very well fit, the proper aluminum trim rings are in place around the vents.

Kilometer speedo is super clean and is the proper 58 clear needle version.

Nice bud vase.

Nice looking control panel dont you think?

This car has featured in a HUGE array of VW magazines around the world.

This is the article from Volksworld Magazine...very nice spread!

In addition to the magazine articles it has been a consistant award winner at VW shows.
It has always been driven to these shows by the way...not a trailer queen.

So.. what more can I say?
The photos tell the story far better than I can.
Its a super sweet ride no matter how you look at it.
And it's loaded with cool goodies that are the icing to the cake.
A heck of a buy. Grab it quick!

$22,500 obo
(price reduced! Owner motivated to sell!)

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