1956 VW Beetle Show Stopper

Look familiar?

Stop...take it all in...this is one of the best custom Beetles of recent days.

This gorgeous Beetle was one of the absolute show stoppers at the 2009 VW Classic.
Built by a member of the German Folks car club with an amazing level of detail that makes it
one of the very best of the best.

The car was recently featured in the January 2010 issue of Hot VW's Magazine
and has been photographed for features in numerous VW magazines from around the world.

We are working on getting a full aray of uber detailed photos of the car, but for now we have these fantastic shots
from Deanospeedwerks that show the car as displayed at the VW Classic when the car first emerged on the scene.
There have been no major changes, but a few minor additions have been added to dress it up even further.
The car is located in the state of Arizona so it's a bit far for us to run over for the normal photo shoot.
I do expect to see the car in person at the next major VW event here in California and will add to the photo array at
that time, if th car is still available for sale then.

One of the most impressive things about this particular car is the things you dont see.
The car was a complete nut and bolt body off restoration, and each an ever part
was finished to show level. Many of the chassis components were painstakingly massaged to provide the
smoothest possible finish...is some cases this required the sanding and filling of the natural casting pits and surfaces.
You will see some of this in a moment down below.

In short...the car is way over the top...built to impress and blow away the competition, and that it has done.
The paint finish is superb, the fit and finish of each part is exceptional and the overall look and style is
classy and cool. Understated color choices and mild modifications.

Every surface of the car from top to bottom was treated with the same level of detail and workmanship.
Narrowed front beam, 4 wheel disc brakes with cross drilled rotors, the best of the best and then some.
The builder estimates that he has about 1100 hours of labor in the paint and body and assembly!!

Look at the reflection in the spring plate of the guy walking by...truly exceptional work.


Engine room is so surgically sanitary and very well done...I like that the builder went toned down with it.
Ive grown tired of the chrome and flashy gee-gaws...this is a nice change of pace!

Here are some assembly photos that show some of the detail work...

Take a look at the steering arm here and what you can see if the steering box in this photo as well.
These are parts that are normally rough cast...the builder took each part and sanded it smooth and
finished it to a jewellers shine. Look at the floor pan here by the frame head...welds smoothed out
and a glossy finish applied. This is dedication!

Pedal assembly is show detailed with some bits chrome plated...

Transaxle also detailed to a truly mental level.

There is an amazing thread documenting the complete build of the car with many many photos
at the following address... http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=366837

If you are seriously interested in the car or even just curious abot how much work it takes to make one this nice
I highly urge you to visit the thread and look through it all.

Its kinda hard to describe the car...normally I look for some flaws and pick on a car a little...but this one is just too sweet to go there.
I just went through the build thread online (see the link above) and the more you look the more you just step back and saw "Wow"

Here is a little glimpse into the sort of work we are talking about here....

This is the bottom of the floorpan...

OK...a regular brake master cylinder...casting marks, logos, etc...how do you make it look perfect?

First you need to grind off the logos and the casting marks to make it smooth...

Then more sanding, then more sanding, then a spray of gloss black... and LOOK AT THAT SHINE!
I hope the builder isnt offended here...but this guy is insane. I mean that will the ultimate in respect,
I dont think that I would or could ever muster up the level of patience and persistance to take a project to this level.

OK...back to some pretty shots...
Note the early "flat tank" with large neck filler and cap.
Check out the Porsche 356 Speedster headlight grilles
and the "Swan Neck Mirrors".

The fender skirts, the Convertible "W" decklid...the Split style grooved running board trims and body trim

Just stunning in all regards.
One of my favorite posts on the Build Thread...was one guy who said "OCD can be a good thing sometimes!"
(OCD referring to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of course)
My hats off to Tim, the builder of this work of art on wheels...you deserve everyone's respect.

Now for you...the guy sitting at your computer looking for your dream car... if you have the means
to make this machine yours...my hats off to you as well...you are a lucky luck man.

Give me a call and lets get it into your garage!

$55,000 obo

For More Info...CALL
or email oldbug@earthlink.net