1957 VW Beetle Sedan For Sale

One of my favorite parts about old cars is the story behind them and this gorgeous Diamond Green 57
has a spectacular one. The other spectacular part of this one is the condition of the car itself...this car has not been restored!

The car was sold new in 1957 by Imperial Motors in Wilmette Illinois to J. Herbert Cattell
a 70 year old gentleman who drove the car a total of 11,100 miles over the next 15 years until his passing at the age of 85.

The car was then bought from the estate by the Tom McGann VW Dealership in Madison Wisconsin in 1972
and the car was repainted on the exterior only and put it on the VW dealership floor as a display piece.
It remained on display until 1983 when it was sold to a prominent car collector from Iowa.
During the dealership ownership only 133 miles were added to the odometer.

The Iowa collector stored the car is his climate controlled garage with his other collector cars
and when he sold the car to the current owner in 2015, he had added only 752 miles to the odometer,

The current owner, an avid VW enthusiast has put 454 miles on the car over the past four years
and has now decided it is time to find the next caretaker.

With a total of just 12,437 miles on the odometer, the car remains an incredible survivor
and an extreme rarity to find in today's world.  With such a strong increase in interest in originality
from collectors these days, cars like this do not hit the market often.

Another fun part of the story is that the car, for the most part, has been hidden from public view
since the days of it being on the dealership floor in the 70's and early 80's.
The collector after the dealer took it out to only a couple events early in his ownership
and from that point on it has remained in its climate controlled cocoon with only occasional exercise to keep the fluids flowing.

The car runs and drives fantastic, tight and quiet and as dreamy as you would expect for the mileage.
All the electrical works as it should from the dome light on down.
The interior, glass, brakes, exhaust, steering, all body panels, wheels , engine and transmission are original to the car.

The interior paint and every interior part and material inside are the factory untouched originals.

There is full documentation throughout the life of the car to prove the mileage
and chain of ownership.  The form above was when the car was sold in 1983 with just 11,233 miles on the odometer.

When the car was on display at the VW dealership in the 1970's this paper was in the window.

The numbers matching original engine remains entirely original and intact.
The only items replaced on the car have been the battery, tires, shocks, horn and brake fluid reservoir.
Many of the original items that were replaced were retained and will go with the car.