Could this be the coolest custom VW of all time?

For those of you in the VW Scene that have not yet seen this car...let me introduce you to what I feel
is the coolest custom Beetle ever built... the "Heb Rod".
Thats a bold statement to be sure...but really, this one, to me, is the coolest one Ive ever seen.

The car was built in Canada a few years back and showed up at the VW Classic here in California and simply blew
everyone's mind. It literally stopped me in my tracks and I stood there all slack jaw and drooling for about 15 minutes
before someone tapped me on my shoulder to wake me up.
Oh sure...I had seen the "Volksrod" thing done before, but never a full top level finished car like this.
And adding the Hebmuller bodystyle to the back made it even more amazing.

Like a vision out of a dream of some sort...everything about it just looks "right".
And not only is it a gorgeous car top to is a true driver...not a trailer queen.

The custom touches and the workmanship extends throughout the whole car.

The early Ford style front end, the big brakes with those awesome scoops on the back.
the smooth beautiful's all just amazing.

The rear fender and tail treatment is so smooth and the big tall wire wheels with whitewalls
keep everything about it in a period fashion... not billet modern hot rod stuff...all very pure and fitting.

This car captures the early days of Hot Rodding and blends it in with the rarest of the early VWs in the most amazing way.
It is a car that will draw a crowd at ANY show, regardless of marque. It has been seen in the pages of Hot Rod Magazine
as well as in every VW magazine around the world. There are even rumours of it being invited to be displayed at the NHRA Museum!
I dont think than any VW in history had bridged the gap between the Hot Rod Scene and the VW Scene as well as this one has.
And the craftsmanship and execution brings it in my mind up to a concours level where it could easly fit in with the Coachbuilts
and stuffy white glove fancy people on the lawn of the local golf course.

The stance is perfect...serious but classy.

Dash is split window era (car is registered as a 1955 by the way)

Top up or top down it is an impressive vision.

All steel, all hand fabricated, all beautifully done.

Semaphore signals in the front quarters.

1915cc engine with dual carbs and an amazing Weiand cast aluminum belt cover.
More than enough power to push the car around, and it has a mild appearance that fits the car well.

Look at the firewall and the metal work there...WOW!

Seat is custom and does as a bench...very vintage look.

40's Chevrolet steering wheel... safari style windshield, piston gear shift knob.

Small sprint car style front bumper protects the tip of the hood.

The photos certainly give you the vibe and the passion that the car exudes, but the details you see up close are what takes it top the next level.
It is a very impressive build...the style is unique and the car is a work of art.
There is no doubt in my mind that if I had the funds available for such a would be in my garage!
Alas...that is not the case, so I must watch it sell to some other owner and hope to see it again some day.
The car is located in France by the way...but where it is going next, is up to you!
Owner will assist with shipping anywhere in the world.

$49,500 obo

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