1966 VW Beetle Sedan For Sale

This is Charlotte.

Charlotte is a 1966 Beetle that the current owner bought in the 90's from its previous owner
in California and brought it to Utah where he took it on as a labor of love to restore it.
Its been his pride and joy for many years. Sadly now he is too old to enjoy it and is suffering with Alzheimers
and the family has made the decision to send thee car along to a new owner where it will continue
to provide joy and get used as it has been during his ownership.

The car is beautiful inside and out and has been well kept and garaged since completion of the restoration.

There are small flaws that have pupped up that are age related such as these small blisters in the paint on the front hood.

There are some chips and scratches here and there as well, but the overall look of the car is very attractive.

It looks like new floorpans were installed at the time of the restoration and they remain very solid and straight.

The heater channels look a little scaly but appear solid in these pics.