Stunning 1978 Beetle Convertible For Sale

This is a gorgeous car.
Excellent quality restoration of a very solid original car.
It was sold through our website a couple years back by a professional Jazz musician
in San Diego California. The current owner is located in Colorado and has put only 200 miles on the car since purchasing.
This is a very very pretty car and it runs and drives as good as it looks.

The car was completely restored by a well known San Diego VW restorer and the quality is exceptional.

The color to is something very unique, not one I have seen before and it is a factory VW color.
The quality of the paint and bodywork is excellent. Very nice glassy smooth paint finish
and very nice fit to all body panels.

It has a clean factory fresh appearance from all angles.

These late model Super Beetles have such a happy face!

Front apron is clean and straight, no signs of damage or repair.

The factory sport wheels have been restored and wrapped with new tires.

Super straight down the sides...look at that reflection!

The Karmann body badge.

New windshield and all new rubber everywhere you look.

What a great color combination too...

The engine is a factory stock 1600 dual port, with all the proper 79
equipment. It is a California car and has the proper emissions goodies and has recently passed the strict emissions tests.
It runs beautifully and the car drives nice in all regards.
The brakes, clutch, tires, front struts and such were all replaced roughly 1000 miles she
is a turn-key ready to enjoy machine.

Nice paint finish in the deep corners too.

Hella taillight cheap aftermarket stuff.

Here's a small paint chip on one easy touch up.

Beep beep!

Under the front hood is super clean and tidy.

here's the original paper paint code tag...Arcona Blue is the name of the color.
And it's gorgeous!

A little bit of brake fluid spillage caused a couple small spot where the paint has wrinkled right near the resevoir.
Everything else looks fantastic.

The original washer bottle is in place.
No signs of any front end collision or rust damage or repair.

Spare tire well itself is really clean.

Even under the hood it looks sweet.
Note the factory tar board sound deadener is still in place.

Picture yourself cruising the coast in this beauty!

The interior of the car is as gorgeous as the exterior.

the odometer reads 23,353 miles on it but it does not seem to be functioning.
The speedometer works fine but the odometer just doesnt click.
The restoration was done about two years ago and the car has been driven very sparingly.
The owner estimates that there are less than 3000 miles on the car since the restoration was completed, and less than 1000
miles since a new clutch, tires, brakes and such were done.
The mileage on the engine itself are unknown but it appears very clean and it runs and drives very smooth indeed.

Nice Pioneer CD stereo in the dash with a full array of speakers set about the car.

Bright white door panels and seats look like brand new!

Headliner is excellent.

Very clean and pretty.

Nice detailing in the door jams and corners...signs of a quality repaint.

The seats are so clean they just jump right out at you.
They look awesome with the blue paintwork too...I really like the looks of this one.

Rear seat excellent as well.

Passenger side door panel.

Top frame is clean and proper with all the right seals in place,

I noticed a few tiny blisters in the paint along the top of the drivers door right by the trim.
I believe this is a paint issue only, not caused by rust.
Perhaps there was a little thinner remaining here when this panel was sprayed.
Its a very small area and it does not detract from the beauty of the car...but it is a tiny flaw that I need to mention.

The chassis is very clean.
There are signs of very minor patching under the battery, but otherwise exceptionally solid and clean.

Pretty dreamy under the drivers side...look how nice and solid this one is!.

Front fender well looks quite solid.

Huge pile of receipts for the restoration and service.

So there you have it.
A super super clean example of the last of the air cooled VW convertibles.
The color combination is stunning, the quality of the restoration is very good indeed and the car appears to be a very
solid straight rust free example and it was delivered new in California so it has the ever so cool
California Car history that makes it so appealing to folks outside of the state.
The car is currently registered in the state of Colorado and the condition is unchanged... below is a
more current photo of the car so you can see that it is still a very clean example.

Still looking dreamy, now in the wilds of Colorado!

Interior still looking sweet...
Car has been driven very very minimally by it's current owner. he estimates around 200 miles on it since he bought it.
Its been garaged and kept clean. Its ready for it's new home and the owner has priced it to sell!


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