1952 VW Beetle Standard Sedan For Sale

Now THIS is an old bug!!
This spectacular restored 1952 Beetle is located in Southern California
and is ready for a new home.
The owner has his eyes on another prize and this very special car is now
available for the first time publicly after a long list
of prolific private collectors have cherished it.

The current owner has recently spent extraordinary time and effort to
make the car as fresh and beautiful as possible and this work, including paint,
is quite recent. Its not that the car was in poor condition prior to this, in fact it was
quite impressive before, its just that he wanted it to be just "that much" more amazing.

The prior owner kept the car well...in fact to a truly extreme level.
He brought it inside the house and gave it its own room!
This photo from around 2010 shows it in place...the converted living room with
brick floor, street lamp and painted mural of Dr Ferdinand Porsche's home in Germany
on the wall behind it.  To say that this Beetle has lived a very special life is an understatement.
This car has been truly cherished.

(Click here for the story of the living room Beetle)

Prior to its days in the living room it can be tracked back through
other noted collectors and today it looks better than it probably looked when it rolled off the assembly line.

This is a Standard model, the Beetle in its most basic form.
The Standard is a fairly uncommon sight here in the US as when the first importer
of VW to the US, Max Hoffman , started bringing them in, he knew that Americans
loved their chrome, so he brought over very few of the base models.