1958 VW Coachbuilt For Sale

If you have been in the Vintage VW scene for any length of time, I am sure you have
heard tale of cars such as the Hebmuller, Rometsch or Dannenhauer.
These names as well as many others around the world have created special bodied cars for the elite
that were based on the Volkswagen chassis.  When it comes to the hierarchy of the most valuable VWs in the world,
these are the ones that are the most difficult to find and the most highly prized by collectors.

In Europe, as well as around the world since the age of the automobile, these specialist firms
created cars by hand. Body panels shaped by hammer and English wheel, details crafted over countless hours
to create a true one off special for a discerning motorist. These craftsmen, the "coachbuilders" worked magic
in steel and aluminum in a trade that is nearly extinct today.

This one of a kind Porsche powered sports car is the result of a group of young craftsmen that
created it from concept to blueprint to running and driving automobile.

One of the most exciting parts about the car is that it is something that people have never seen before.
In the world of collector cars, especially when it comes to the aircooled German variety, this is not an easy thing to find.
The car has attended a few marque specific events in the Porsche scene as well as at VW shows and it has
been welcomed enthusiastically. The photo above is of the car at the famed Luftgekuhlt event in Los Angeles
where it was one of the most photographed cars of the show.

At the all Air Cooled Porsche event during the Toy and Lit weekend, the car had a constant flow of
onlookers that were amazed, amused and confused by it all day long.