1966 VW Meyers Manx Dune Buggy For Sale

The Dune Buggy is a shape and style that is known and loved the world over
and it all started in Orange County California with the creation
of the Meyers Manx by Bruce Meyers in 1964.
Designed for fun and simplistic assembly from the chassis of the VW Beetle
this grew to truly reach across the globe, both in its original form
as well as its countless imitators.  Like with anything in our world,
the "genuine article" from the original source is the most highly prized.
This example in front of you could not possibly be from any closer to that original source.

The three fine gentlemen in this shot are from left to right
Jim Chamberlain, Bruce Meyers, and Harry Klumpp.
While Bruce is certainly the father of the fiberglass buddy
I would venture to say that Jim was the uncle.  He and Bruce
worked together in the earliest days and Jim is responsible for
the creation of many Manxes through his business OC Custom Buggies in Fullerton.
He and Bruce remained lifelong friends and still today Jim is heavily involved with the scene.

Bruce reunited with this car for a photo shoot for the Manx Club publication after
its revival and signed the car along with Jim Chamberlain, the original builder.

The car is in pretty spectacular original condition thanks to just two careful owners since new
and many years of indoor storage. This is all original gel coat in Tangerine Red
and it features all of its originally fitted equipment and accessories.

The documentation behind the car is extensive and its current owner, who has held the keys
for the past 26 years, has quite the stories to tell about it. He has documented through
Jim Chamberlain that this car was built at OC Custom Buggies in 1967
for the Don Burns Volkswagen Dealership in Garden Grove California.
The car sat on the showroom floor and was sold to its first owner in 1967.
It remained in use in Orange County for 13 years of occasional use before
parking it in his garage for the next 17 years. In 1997 it changed hands
to the current owner who also let it sit in storage for many years before
its recent full recommission efforts.