1957 Porsche Speedster Replica For Sale


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There are a lot of Porsche Speedster replicas out there in the world and out of that see of fiberglass
it seems a rarity to find one that is really built to a high level...so many of them are creaky
ill-fitting home built jobs that only have the "look" of a classy car...not the "feel".
This one...has that "feel".

This car came from Vintage Speedsters originally, one of the higher end makers of these cars
and it was built to customer's specs with the usual "upgrade" equipment.
It was a nice car as it was, but then it went into the hands of an owner where "nice" was
just not good enough...he wanted excellence.
He brought it to Fibersteel in Azusa California where the craftsmen there took it to the next level and did a top quality
refinish as well as fit a whole host of amazing details to make this car quite the fooler.
It recently placed in the top 3 in the Porsche class of  a show here in So Cal, against a whole host of real ones!

First of all...the drive.
The car really runs and drives fantastic.
It feels very solid on the road, I have driven quite a few of these cars and this one just feels "right".
Strong motor, tight suspension and steering and a very well fit body and interior...nice car all the way around.

The details are what grab you on this car and I will share as many of them as I can in the ad here.
The steering wheel as an example is like jewelry...so pretty.

The 550 Spyder style parking brake is a work of art in it's own right.
Not only does it look amazing, it works fantastic.
The owner tells me that this is a $500 item on it's own!

The under dash area is clean with all the wiring tight and tidy.

Heater vent and scuff guard trims and that German square weave carpets.

Pedals are awesome...I like the trim on the tunnel as well.
The coco mats too are a great touch.

So clean and well trimed.

Superbly clean in all the dark corners.
Doors are firm and solid and close and latch nicer than my real 356!

Dash is really well done and clean

Fluted Euro style headlight lenses are a nice touch.
"racing tape" is a fun, easily removable add on.

The Bosch driving lights and the leather hood straps...awesome.

Underneath the car is solid and clean and undercoated.

Disc brakes up front as well as an adjustable front beam.

Color combination is classic.

Engine is a very healthy and very clean 1915cc unit with dual 44 Weber carbs.

Runs fantastic!

Very clean and simple out back, but it really does give the car a punch when you hit the gas!
Very fun car to drive!

Nice detail under thee rear deck vent...this perforated stainless panel helps keep the leaves out while adding another nice detail.

The Spyder side mirror is another very cool (and pretty expensive) add on.
The paitwork is superb and everything lines up fantastic on the car.


The addition of a few vintage racing logos adds some flair and of course, they could be easily removed if
you want it looking clean.

One of the biggest details that are missed on these cars are the wheels.
This one has real German Lemmerz wheels on it and the aluminum hub covers beneath them
give a very convincing replication of the aluminum Porsche brake drums.

The way the car sits is another great part of it...the ride height is perfect.

Curvy road...and this car?  Heck yeah!

Windshield is excellent.

The owner did state that he is going to keep the vintage rally badges off the engine grille
as they are a part of a prized collection.
The Competition Motors plate frame stays though!

Another very cool addition is the exhaust...this center exit exhaust is superb.
It sounds fantastic and also fits the period well being replicated from the Carrera model.

When the car was first built by Vintage Speedsters, the sticker price was about 30k..
There are a fat stack of receipts for all the work done beyond that ... and there is a TON of work done.
Easily another $20,000 was put into it with the paint and body and all the upgrades.
There is well over $50k invested in the car all told.

With real Speedsters stretching to the stratosphere price wise...youve just got to be a
fat pocket dude to have one...and if you have one, you would probably be afraid to drive it!

Totally love the mirror!

Check out that door gap...nice!

The interior is gorgeous!

Rear bodywork fitted with carpet and rear seats for the adventurous kid to climb in back.

Nice detail around the door latches

I love the stop watch on the dash and the other details as well.
No silly modern upgrades, everything is done with the period look in mind.

The real deal wheels!

Chassis is super solid.


Very clean indeed!

The exhaust is awesome!!

It makes lovely music as well.
It doesnt sound like a VW engine with this and those dual carbs!

As mentioned before...the grille badges do not come with the car.
The title is clean and clear and it is registered as a 1973 model based on the chassis, so no need for
smog inspection or assigned vin numbers.

Those are real Bosch driving lights too.

A full tonneau cover is included and it folds up nicely into a Porsche logo pouch.

Side curtains as well are here and are like new and have their own storage pouch.

Underside of the trunk lid is trimmed in capet, very clean and quiet this way.

2nd place award at the Treffen in the Porsche class... I saw the judge come by at the event...he saw me looking at the car
and asked me if it was a real one...we had to give it the "tap" to know for sure...it is that convincing.
Even with the knowledge of it being a replica it placed 2nd against several genuine Porsche cars.

Trink is lined in the German square weave carpets.
Fuel tank is covered in a black short nap carpet that helps keep everything real quiet.

Nice work in here.

The seats are the original style Speedster seats...no modern buckets or anything silly like air conditioning.


The under tank area is also trimmed with carpet to keep noise down and give everything a finished look.

Door handles are the early grooved style with the matching escutcheons.

Proper 356 instruments.

That steering wheel is GORGEOUS!

Porsche crest key ring and a cool vintage stopwatch on the dash.
The mount for this is put through the factory hole for the wiper switch
(which has been relocated under the dash)

Cool 1957 Deutsche Sportwagen medallion on the dash.

The seat belts are awesome in their own right with the red stitching and worn in leather.

The real wheels and the aluminum drum covers are awesome.

Reutter body badge

Vredestein tires all the way around.

Nice decal in the window

So cool

Even looks sweet with the top up!

In closing this is a super sweet machine in all ways inside and out.
Starting out with a top quality Vintage Speedster car and then going above and beyond with
all the upgrades and accessories and an amazing paint and interior job.
A ton of fun.


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