Very unique special construction Beetle.
and a past member of the Collection

This is a wild Beetle to be sure.
Extreme modifications have been made to transform this car into a true 1 of a kind Beetle.
The rear section of the body has been shortened, the front end stretched, and the whole deal
sectioned for a lower bodyline. The hood and fenders re-worked to resemble a 1930's vehicle,
with a bold hood ornament and side mount spare tires. All handbuilt, not a kit.

The rear end has also been wildly reconstructed.
This is one odd set of wheels.

The story of this car as I was told, was that the car was built by an eccentric gentleman in the Seattle
area back in the 1970's. In the mid 80's it came to Northern California where it was owned and driven weekly
until we discovered it in a local advertisement. It was recently shipped south to our shop where it draws
amazing attention. Now I have driven a lot of strange and beautiful cars in my life, but nothing gets the
stares like this car is just hilarious to see. Folks come out of the woodwork to ask questions
about it and look's really fun.

Side mounted spare tires!

Assorted odd bits used to construct the front end.
The headlight rings look like 55 Chevy units flipped upside down.
The grille bars are Beetle side trim, the other trim is from some unknown source.

Leopard print seatcovers, faux burlwood dash...a real sexy beast.

Cut down doors and panels.

Stock seats under these crazy covers.

Sliding steel sunroof
(needs new cables and seals...but slides easily by hand)

California plates.

So strange.
The overall vision of the car is pretty neat, but the finish work leaves a little to be desired.
The engine lid is perhaps the most clumsy part of the car.

Pretty darn solid underneath...just a little bit of rust under the battery, but nothing ugly.

Strange Atlas hood ornament with an added glass globe that is lit from behind.

Big ol hood lifts up to reveal a pretty flat trunk area.
There is a hidden compartment under a panel for more storage.

Its a bizzarre Beetle, and is absolutely one of a kind.
The paint and finish bodywork isnt great, but it could easily be improved upon.
The car runs and drives very well, has good tires, a solid drivetrain with a stock
40 horse engine, 6 volt electrics and such.

A special car for the most special enthusiast.
A ton of fun no matter how you look at it.


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