1969 Volkswagen Fridolin For Sale

This is perhaps one of the most fascinating finds we have ever listed on Oldbug.com
Sure, we have had Hebmullers and Rometsch and other VW rarities, but this car is right up there in my opinion.

This is a Fridolin, a genuine VW product that was specially built for use by the Swiss and German post office.
These were built by Westfalia in very small numbers and were not normally sold to the general public.

This particular example was never sold at all...this was the factory demonstrator car.
The "birth certificate" from VW shows "Internal Use" as the destination
and all the original manufacturer documents are still with the car to prove it's history.

The car was used to promote the model and eventually landed in the Westfalia museum
where it remained until around 2006, when it was sold to a collector in Wolfsburg Germany where it is located today.

It remains entirely original and unrestored and truly has been in the hands of VW and Westfalia
its whole life. Even the current owner is someone who is a part pf the extended "VW family"
and has ties within the firm. It has never been street registered , this is as close to a "new" Fridolin as
there is on this planet. It is simply spectacular.

This is a true museum piece in all respects.
It is fully operational and has been recently serviced...it drives like a new car
but I think it would be folly to put any serious miles on the car...it is best preserved for the generations to come.

This photo shows this exact car on display in the Westfalia museum before the current owner took delivery.

This clip from a brochure from the museum dated about 1988 shows the car as well.
The museum decided to sell the car as they have another Fridolin on display as well
in Swiss livery, and decided the German post example was not needed to tell the Westfalia story.

We all know the Westfalia history when it comes to the VW campers, but few are aware that they actually built
these cars as well. (as well as travel trailers and more).

The condition of the car is nothing short of miraculous.

Everywhere you look it is just like brand new...in fact it pretty much is.
The odometer reads just over 10k original miles, so it was operated some during its life
but there is some mystery as to the legitimacy of that mileage...it looks far too nice to
actually have that many miles on it...but perhaps the factory did run it many places to
show and share the model at auto shows and the like.

The originality of the car is unquestionable as you look at it.
This is all untouched, never any repairs , it is an amazing survivor indeed.
An interesting bit of history on the livery of this car, when it rolled off the assembly line
it was built in "Lichtgrau" according to the Birth Certificate from VW...
basically a grey base coat that was the finish VW put on special order vehicles that were to be painted in fleet
colors by the owners.  Since this was an internal use vehicle for display within VW, the decision was made
at some point to paint it in the German Postal colors. This was done in house, by either VW or Westfalia.
It was never in the hands of the Postal Service, this was all done internally as a promotional vehicle.

The interior is flawless and a large collection of German Post memorabilia comes with the car.
Rare Postal service hats, mail bags and the like.


The engine room is spectacular, of course it is all numbers matching and correct to the smallest detail.
The paper tag is from an oil service done to the car in 1987.

Totally untouched in here.
The "lichtgrau" paint finish can be seen here in the engine room.

Under the front hood it is spotless as well.

Original tire on the spare, latches and jack still shine with the factory cad-plating.
Just fantastic.


Love that simple dash!

Under dash

Front seats and panels are excellent and all original

Folding passenger seat allows for easy access to cargo.

Or upright it can hold a helper.

Paneling looks fantastic

The postal memorabilia is fantastic...would make a wonderful display to go with the car
along with all the original documentation as well.

So cool!

Underneath is all untouched and quite clean.
The tires were replaced at some point during its life and the current owner rebuilt the brakes as well
as they were leaking a bit from age.

No build up of road grime or anything funky.
Still original finish underneath...not doctored up.

Chassis is superb...no rust of course, no repairs.
Unfortunately there has been some paint bubbling at the front of the pan due to a brake fluid leak at the master cylinder.

Under the trans

In the back of the car when pulled from the museum, a fitted cover made by Westfalia
specifically for the car was included.

Here it is fitted on the car... this is perhaps the only cover of its kind in existence today?
Best of all...it has always been with the car.

Postal logos

Door handle operation decal

Rubber is excellent

Hatch latch

Rear deck emblem

Fridolin only exhaust fitted.

What a delightful little car...so cute, so simple and so functional.
A serious rarity in the world of VWs.

Lights are all functional...everything works on the car.

The plates fitted to the car are for display only, the car has never been street registered.
These plates are genuine German Postal Authority plates with the BP designation .

Spectacular car indeed.
There is no better example out there...period.
The history is insane, the condition is fabulous, this is the best of the best.
An extremely rare opportunity here...you simply will never find its equal.


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