1967 VW 21 Window Microbus For Sale

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This 67 21 Window is in a league of it's own.
Featured in Hot VWs Magazine earlier this year, this Florida based
Bus is a knockout in all respects.

The lowered stance, the bug 17" alloy wheels, the unique paint scheme,
all of it add up to a real one of a kind...and then the interior...you need to check that out too!

Underneath it all it is a performance machine as well.
Here it is on the big Nascar track in Atlanta  at speed.
(OK...it was just a parade lap...but still...it boogies along real nice!)

The full custom interior is impressive.
From the massive and clean fabrication of the raised wheel arches to the
custom front seat that actually reverses so you can hang out with your buddies in the back!

Beautifully engineered and fully functional

The dash is trimmed with modern instrumentation that still somehow manages to have a vintage flair

Check out that wheel arch treatment...impressive!
It took a lot to get those 17" Iozzio alloys in under the arches and sitting this low!

Safari windows!

Stock restored steering wheel

Billet grab handle and a very slick custom clock in the original surround.

The front seat is a work of art.
Backed with the same carbon fiber pattern material as the door panels, this seat back flips up flat for
use as a table and also over the back so you can sit in the seat and face into the rear area.

Very well done

She sits low...nice and low.

Trick treatment on the turn signals

Euro style headlights

The color is a bit deceiving in these photos...the bottom is black but the top is a very light
aqua green that matches the tint of the windows. Its a very slick thing to see in person...it all has a certain glow to it.
Compare the color here in this image to the white trailers in the background.

Gorgeous Bus

The two tone treatment on the panels is awesome with the carbon-silver centers and the matching material to the seats
on top and bottom...modern yet classic at the same time.

Rear deck is cleanly trimmed in carpet with cool chrome trims that break up the expanse.

Neat look!

Both seats front and back are custom built from the ground up.

Scat shifter, Moon barefoot gas pedal, billet hand brake trim.
Power outlets for modern electronics under the dash.

This Bus started out life as a Deluxe model, but without the sunroof and roof windows.
During the build these were added and the workmanship is superb , you would never know it if I didnt tell you!
A full documentation of the restoration is available that shows it all...no corners were cut on this ride...it was full on!

Notice how the front doors were re-shaped internally to match the new wheel arches.

Ceramic coated exhaust

Instruments and switches light up really cool at night.

Four wheel disc brakes with cross drilled rotors and detailed calipers.
The custom built 17" Iozzio alloys are really something.

Check out this killer third brake light mounted just inside the rear window!

Level of detail is superb...check out the chromed latch and the break line for the two tone paint.

Rear seat and armrests with cup holders.

Check out that cover of Hot VWs...yes...that is THIS Bus that is on the cover!
6 page feature too!!

Wipers have the spring loaded bases so they can be swung out of the way when the safari windows are opened.

Surfboard shapped mirror

Air box is clean and all new hardware.

Check out the break line for the two tone in the door jam...so cool!
And of course the nice clean latches and new hardware...nice work!

The vintage looking radio in the dash is actually a modern head unit that powers the impressive audio system.

Sits nice eh?
This is a dream Bus for sure.

Wow...take alook at that!!
Pat Downs built fuel injected 2160 cc engine!!
Built for reliability and at 155 H.P. on the Dyno with 153 Ft. Lbs. of torque it has plenty of power to feed to the Rancho Pro street gear box with freeway flier gears.
Access panel fabricated above the engine for easy access (and viewing)

Custom build sheet metal for the engine is truly stunning and the level of detail impressive.

This past summer the owner trecked it all the way across the US to bring it to the VW Classic and OCTO shows!

Safari rear window as well...here you can see the third brake light in operation.

Overhead storage and speaker box fabricated in the rear. Headliner is very well done and is tight and smooth on all surfaces.

Hre is a detail pic of the front seat when flipped up into a table...perfect for those  tailgate parties!

And flipped over all the way for partying in the back.

Full custom Bus at it's best...I really like this one in so many ways.
The builder truly "outside the box" while building what went "inside this box".
Its no wonder it has been featured in the magazines and is grabbing awards at every show.
It is impressive!

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