1950 Hebmuller Cabriolet For Sale

Well you cant get any cooler than this...period.
The rarest and most desireable Beetle in the world is the Hebmuller Cabriolet.
Only a select few lucky folks ever get a chance to get their hands on one.
Its basically the dream car for the VW faithful.

And if you've got the rarest Beetle of them all in your hands...why not go a step further and drop it down
on early Porsche alloys and have a little fun?

The car is a 1950 model and is #595 production wise.
Its a pretty original car for the most part and has all the proper bits.
Currently it is sitting on a slightly later chassis with hydraulic brakes,
but original 1950 cable brake chassis is included with the sale.

The restoration is quite a few years old but the car still shows very well.
Undoubtably one of the most attractive VWs ever built.

The Porsche wheels are none other than the rare "early" versions in 4.5" width up front.
Front beam is a 4 inch narrowed unit. The original front axle beam is tucked safely in the garage.

The Hebmuller crest on the front quarter panel.

Front cowl mounted semaphores are the extremely rare wig wag versions that pop up and down when on.

Serious tuck on the rear wheels...talk about attitude!

Proper split taillights.

The most stunning feature of the car is the decklid...very cool indeed.

Excellent chrome on the grooved bumpers with the painted insert.

Nice accessory exhaust tip.

California year of manufacture plates.

Very clean engine compartment houses a strong running 36 horse engine.
An original 25 horse engine (a 49 case) is available if the desire to go back to original is there.

Interesting to see the body structure in these cars.

Hinges for the decklid are similar in design as the hood, yet different.

The bottom side of the decklid.

Correct H pattern rear apron.

The vents are very unique.

Nice straight and solid body to this car.

Side windows with their unique frames.

Damn that is sexy!

Under the front hood is clean and proper.

The body tag and number.
The "14" is the model type, unique to the Hebmuller, and the "00595" is the production number.
It is thought that there were just 741 of these cars built (if my memory serves me right)
Who knows how many remain.

The Hebmuller body tag itself.

Proper front apron as well.


Here's another look at the gorgeous early Porsche alloys.

The "Deep 6"s" out back of course.

Dashboard is gorgeous and well outfitted with rarities like the Becker Monza radio and more.
(the owner plans to keep the radio but it could be worked in if the price was right)

Banjo wheel.

Clean dash pod and guage.

Locking steering column.

Wild aluminum grab handle.

Seats are a bit aged and have interesting upholstery on them...these are not the original seats of course
as it is not on the 1950 pan, but they seem to fit the look fine.

Carpet and headliner have an original look and feel to them..a fair bit of patina.

Flip up rear seat.

Backside of the front seats.

Hirschmann red tip center mount antenna.

Proper wiper arms and blades.

Washer nozzle.

Solid hood emblem

Original large logo Sekurit glass.

The car isnt flawless but who the heck cares...it's rare as heck and is just so insanely gorgeous.

The car has been photographed for several magazine features and rumours of the cover shot are floating around
as well. Out of respect for the publications, I wont say who...just wait for the issues to come out.
This has truly been one of the most exciting new vehicles to emerge on the VW scene in quite a while.
The car itself has a known collector history, but never has the world seen one done up like this.

The Hebmuller in all it's glory... not much more to say than "Wow".

$120,000 obo
(complete with the proper original bits..."as sits" price is a bit negotiable)


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