1950 Split Window Ragtop For Sale

OK...you have impeccable taste and you just plain want the best of everything...
Any regular old VW just wont do...you want an early car, and not just any early car,
you want the cream of the crop, a three fold ragtop split window.
And it needs to be incredible.
And just to ice the cake even more, you want it loaded with rare accessories.

A tall list of desires, but this car satisfies them all.
This is one of the recent cars that emerged into the VW scene and changed the way people look
at these cars. The first one was Randy Gates' 52, (which we sold off the site a few months back)
the next one to raise the bar was this car.

Featured in every VW magazine around the world from the US to Japan, France, the UK and more.
A trophy taker at every event.
And soon to be featured in Lowrider Magazine as well, you just cant get much better than this.

The first thing that strikes you is the color. Its not often you see a Beetle painted Brown.
And this brown is so deep and so smooth it makes you really stop and stare.
Add to that the bright chromework and agressive stance and you just stop in your tracks.

As a bit of a purist myself, I was very pleased to see that for all intensive purposes, this was a stock restoration.
The only deviation being the wheels and lowering. The owner has the factory 16" wheels and the original beam
that could be bolted on in a weekend to make the car back to how Wolfsburg planned it. But obviously with the
jewel finish alloys and the suspension drop it makes a heck of a statement. So you have the best of both worlds.

The Porsche alloys are the ultra-desireable 4 1/2" in front and the "deep 6's" in back.
Fully polished and chromed with detailed center caps and chrome lugs.
4" narrowed front beam with disc brakes in front give it the "tuck" and keep the tires from scrubbing the fenders.

The rear wheels wrapped with 205-70-15 tires for that meaty look
and are bolted to drilled Type 3 drums.
The braking system is a nice upgrade indeed...again something that is a "bolt on" affair
so it would be easy to put it back to original.

The body and paintwork is exceptional.
Mirror finish on all panels, inside, outside and even underneath.

Perfect fit and finish to the body panels and everything.

All the proper early genuine parts.

Correct hood handle, etc.

Ultra- rare door handles, look at the raised part of the casting...ever see these before?

The full three fold ragtop..hard to get more rays of sun than this without a convertible.
This is an original sunroof car by the way, not cut in or modified.
In fact the car was a well known vehicle at the So Cal VW shows before the restoration.
It was always dry and solid and no accidents of note. ALL the body panels on this car are original to the car.
The floor pan has never been welded, and the original engine is still with the car as well.
So not only is it in incredible condition now, it started out as the "virgin" car that we all dream about.

The rare accessories jump out everywhere.
Check out the red tip Hirschmann antenna.
Also note the proper windshield wipers with wire arms and aluminum bases.

Proper solid VW logo.
All the body trim is original VW too, not reproduction stuff.

The car is perhaps the crown jewel of the famed German Folks VW Club.
Its current owner attends all the VW events and the club, which is comprised of only stunning quality cars
with a certain attitude (and altitude) always puts this car front and center in it's displays.

The club plaque on the rear bumper...reflected in the paint with the palm trees and everything.
Tells a story all it's own.

Extremely rare split window era pop out windows with the heavy aluminum frame.

Proper grooved semaphore turn signals.

All the original and proper equipment out back.

California year of manufacture plate with tag and frame.

Correct taillights.

Proper grooved bumpers with short guards.
Detail painted indentations.

Very cool accessory tail pipe

The original 25 horse engine is spotless.
Far cleaner and nicer looking than VW ever made them!
Completely rebuilt and it runs superbly.

"T" air cleaner

Carb is like jewelry.

Flat top distributor.

Crank start apron...crank included.
Yes you can start this car by hand!

Peeking through the crank start hole you can see the original VW muffler that has been ceramic coated
so it always stays clean and shiny.

Proper crank nut and tins.

Underside as as clean as the top.

Phenomenal level of detailing, truly better than new.

Hardware wherever possible has been replaced with stainless steel polished allen head bolts.

Floor pans are glassy and smooth...just insane.

Everywhere you look is perfection.

Impressive to say the least.

Take a moment to wipe the drool off your keyboard now...it isnt good to submerge it like that.

Under the hood the show continues.
Every surface is polished to such a high shine.

Wiring is spotless.
Lots of special details like the fuel tank and inspection plates are sprayed in a darker brown
and the screws that normally hold the inspection plates on and hidden below.
Small details indeed, and a few are perhaps slight deviations from "original"
but the quality of the workmanship is far beyond normal for the VW scene.

Body tag and number.

Spotless stuff.

Backside of the dash is impressively clean.
Wiring wherever possible is tucked away neatly out of view.

Another uber-rare accessory...the bog aluminum fuel tank cap.

Underside of the hood is as smooth and glassy as the outer side.

Original hood...note the triangular shaped stamping in the center and the three bolt hinges.

OK..ready to see the inside?
Make sure your hands are clean and wipe the dog plop off your shoes please...

Oh...before we go inside, check out the side door glass.
For those of you not in the know, this was VW's plan for a way to let in a little air when you need it without
rolling the window all the way down. Eventually that all changed to the little vent wing glass
but in the split era it was a smooth one pc unit like this with the little notch.

OK...now to the inside.

The dashboard is loaded with the rarest of the rare goodies.

The steering wheel is my favorite.
The knurled knob under the horn button allows you to take the steering wheel off
for security. Cant much drive a car anywhere without a steering wheel.
This is an original early accessory by Petri, not some made up deal.
A super rare part to find.

Glove box doors are also a rare accessory.
Sedans normally had open glove boxes, but these accessory doors allowed for lockable storage.

The speedometer pod.

Telefunken radio is another elusive accessory for these cars.
The radio is not functional at this point, the battery pack is not installed, but it is included with the sale.
Also check out the center ashtray...another cool accessory.

Passenger side glove box has the pull out ashtray, which is a tough part to find as well.

The list continues with the accessory rear view mirror clock.

Headliner is superb and was done with the correct mohair type material.

Seat upholstery in the proper cloth material from West Coast Classics.
Dig the armrest pillows too!

Underside of the rear seat bottom you can see that no stone was left unturned.
The springs were all painted like new.

Under the seat is as shiny as everything else.
Big hats off to the company that did the restoration on this car.
Buddy Hale and the folks at Type 1 Restoration in Arizona... top notch indeed.

Tan mats are correct as is the german wool square weave carpets.

Accessory foot pedal switch for the high beams, slick accessory gas pedal as well.

Very rare locking steering column as well.

Fuel tap extension lever under the dash.

Proper shifter with the correct dimpled ivory colored knob.

Seats are excellent.

Door panels properly stitched.

Check out the rare door handle too with the raised section that matches the exterior door handles.
These are a bit of a mystery, they are marked with a VW logo apparantly, but the only
thing that folks have told the owner is that they are either from a coachbuilt Hebmuller
or possibly from another odd vehicle. Wherever they came from they are cool as can be and
are something I have never seen, and Ive been at this for quite some time!

Door latch striker plates have been chromed.

More detailing in the door jams.

So there you have it.
To call this Beetle "nice" would be an understatement beyond belief.
It is downright incredible.

Car is currently located in Aberdeen Scotland.
Woldwide Shipping is Available!

$70,000 obo

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