The worlds most incredible custom VW ever

There are people out there that restore cars, there are people out there that customize them
and every now and then someone does something with a car that takes it to a whole new level.
A mind expansion of what can be done to a car...and forever it will leave it's mark on the scene.
This car did that when it first hit the scene in the 90's and after a recent complete rebuild
it is ready to blow minds once again.

This is the Rodbuster.

Originally built as a challenge to the mega street rods running through the show circuit,
to take a lowly VW and blow all those big belly grey beard hot rod guys away...and it did it.
Awards were taken wherever it went and magazine features around the globe shared the creation.

The level of detail and fabrication is truly beyond anything you will probably ever see.

Stellar custom paint work with dimensional graphics that suck the viewer in.

Graphics follow every painted surface...even underneath.

It is an amazing work of art

On the ground and off the rotating show car display
(which is included with the is a trailer to haul the whole deal)
it looks at first glance like a Ghia with a wild paint job...and it is
but when you look deeper and underneath you see the amazing amount of work that
went into building it.

Suicide doors

Nice stance

The air brush work is some futuristic kick ass space pod.

The interior gets even wilder...check out that dash!

Custom machined aluminum wheels

Body hugging bumpers and flush mounted headlights

Custom taillights
Body hugging bumpers in back as well.

The 3 dimensional door panels are as wild as can be and blend in with the dashboard

Custom touches and one off work in all the corners.


Check out the flat floor...and that shifter!


Custom seat adjusters

Swivel seats

There is no other car on the earth like this one.

Insanity at it's best!

And the deeper you go...the wilder it gets.
The entire chassis has been machined from aluminum!

The engine too has been mostly machined and built with one-off custom parts with jewel like detail quality.

Twin super chargers on the engine!

Check out that suspension!

And the oil sump!
It goes on and on through the entire underside!

Back inside there are further details like the controls for the windows and door poppers.

Check out the detail... wow!

Paint quality is impressive.

Check out the blended in turn signal lens in the bumper!

Wild flame work

The engine room is like staring into a mechanical jewelry box!

Amazing creation!

Under the front hood the details continue

First aid kit and flare holders all machined one off in aluminum.

Even the hood latch is a work of art in it's own right!

Check this out!

Its even amazing underneath it!

Here is the mind twister photo for me...check out that chassis!!


Here is a cool shot of the dash before the steering column went in..check out the pedal assembly!

Digital instruments in the dash.
This is really something from science fiction...a fantasy...yet it is real and right here in front of you!

Headliner detail

Even the horn is transformed into an art piece!

Behind the seats is a compartment that houses the batteries and a lot of the car's management system.

Here is the pedal assembly and firewall panel out of the!

Controls for the fuel injection

Fuel tank is back here as well

Here are some shots of the body being mated to the chassis during the restoration just 4 years ago.

With the body off you can see the suspension and engine in further detail

A transmission clean and pretty enough to sit in the jewelry case at Cartier!

Twin superchargers

Inboard disc brakes at the back

There is a starter motor in there somewhere...and check out the amazing suspension set up!

Detail under the fender wells


Front brake detail... it just defies description.
I have never seen a car built to this level regardless of make and model...and I dont think I will ever see one that will top it.

Here is a classic shot of the car when it first hit the scene years ago!

And a photo of it current day.
It was wild when it was first done...and now it is even wilder!!
The amount of time and money that have been invested in this car is truly staggering.
While the price may seem "up there" it is a fraction of what was spent to build it.
Even the display by itself eclipses most VW builds in price tag!
It is an absolute one of a kind and is certainly in the running for the most incredible custom VW of all time!

$295,000 obo

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