1958 VW 23 Window Microbus For Sale

Here we go!
A big daddy, real deal, genuine German 23 window
restored to a very nice level and its a desirable
early pressed bumper model in legendary Sealing Wax Red and Chestnut Brown!

The 23 window sunroof Deluxe model was the true top of the line for its day
and they have always been very highly prized by enthusiasts and collectors.

Room with a view!
Plenty of space for your whole family or a pile of friends
and such a blast to cruise around in with all that glass
and the big slide back canvas sunroof wide open on a beautiful day.

The key to these vehicles when it comes to real value is right here above.
The Volkswagen "birth certificate" that shows that it truly is a genuine
23 window Deluxe model.

Sooo many of the Busses you see out there for sale these days have the look, but not the provenance.
Countless lesser models and Brazillian imports have had conversions to make them look
like a 23 window..but their value is a fraction of what the genuine article brings.

If you are looking for a proper investment grade classic VW...you really need to put your money
in a car with no question as to its history.

This example is not without flaw, but it still shows very well indeed.
The restoration was done in the early 2000's and it shows some minor signs of age and use.
A small touched up chip on the rear bumper as an example.

There is a small ding right in the center of the windshield post.
Fortunately a spot that would be pretty easy to repair and blend.

The underside of the Bus appears very solid.
Cleanly undercoated, not overly detail painted to concours level
but still very respectable.

Clean suspension and proper original equipment.