1956 VW Beetle Deluxe Sedan For Sale

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This faded blue Oval is a fantastic basis for a restoration. or a very fun patina play toy just as it is.

The car is very straight and quite solid and most of all it is very complete.

The paint is dry and faded from some time in the sun, but it seems to be holding on pretty well.

A classic US spec Oval window...but this one has something special out back...

The car is located in Orange County California , not far from Disneyland
and is in the hands of a vintage car dealer that deals mostly in high end stuff.

He picked up the Beetle from someone who had owned it for many years
right here in Southern California.

Overall it looks to be a very dry California car underneath.

Floorpan on the drivers side is very solid and untouched.

Looks good in the fender wells...nice to see the original proper fender on the back here...see the pressing?.


Under the battery is a weak spot, but this is certainly the worst of it and it is in the most common spot.

There is a link in the hood from some careless hood closer...

Looks very straight in the spare tire well area on this side.

Not bad over here either.

Remnants of the original tool kit!

Interior is in half decent shape...not down to the springs and not ready for show season either.
Some careful re-clipping and clean up may improve upon it.

The desirable Motorola "Big M" radio is in the dash!

With the exception of a small hole between the speedo and the speaker grille...the dash looks totally stock.

Here's a good overall shot of the interior...it's fine as it is if you want the patina look...or replace it all during the restoration.

Still presentable enough that the kids wont complain and the neighbors wont hate you.

Back outside...it really is a nice old car.

Rear apron looks very straight and original...
But what is that odd pulley on the engine???

And what is this oiler contraption?

Yes folks, this car is equipped with a Judson supercharger!!
The full kit is here and the charger itself was just rebuilt and it runs great!
The engine is a fresh rebuild as well and all the tins are nice and detailed.

Engine number for those of you that want to look up the age...

Pretty slick set up and a true period performance add on that will draw a crowd at the next VW show.

The generator is a 12 volt Porsche unit which is another nice bit of icing on the cake.

Lid closed...there is nothing to see here... it all tucks nicely in under the lid.

The thin whitewalls and the mudflaps and that "D" badge on the back bumper
all nice little add ons.

Yellow 56 California plates are included with the sale.
Title is clean and clear.

In closing this looks like a lot of fun.
I think I would just cruise it as it is and have some fun.
Or dive into the restoration...it's all up to you!

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