"The Great Pretender"
Intermeccanica Porsche Speedster Replica

The California based Speedster is beyond cool.
The quick back story is that it has been owned by a local LA collector for many years
and was always kept immaculately clean since the late 90's when he first got it.
(built in 1992 by the way).  In any case it was used for filming a movie pilot and the
director wanted it dirty, so it was temporarily aged by the scenic department
to look like it just rolled out of a barn. All of this will clean and polish off of there without a trace
but after filming was done, the owner hit a local cars and coffee event with it and people lost their minds
seeing it this way. It was so much fun,and SO much MORE attention than when it was clean,
the owner decided to keep it this way and he has not washed it since.

The results are a spectacular look that not only blows minds wherever it goes<
it sure saves time "detailing" before an event.

Here are a couple of pics of it clean...still awesome...but I dont think I could bring myself to washing it either!

Based on a 66 VW chassis, ad built by the best at Intermeccanica
this is a high quality replica that has been loaded with proper period Porsche parts
and details that show well.