1951 VW Beetle Sunroof Sedan For Sale

The custom car world is wide and varied and there are often dividing lines
between different makes and models and the way that builders approach them.
The VW scene has been off by itself for much of history and as a result
the way things are done normally within the scene stays pretty much the same through time.

The Cal Look cars of today look very similar to the Cal Look cars of 30 years ago or more
and of course the vintage scene keeps cars looking like they were when they rolled off the assembly line.

On occasion though someone from outside of the VW scene will embrace the Beetle as their platform
to build a masterpiece.  More often than not it seems that an outsiders approach creates a car that the
insiders don't approve of, but in this case the builders efforts created a car that has been widely accepted and acclaimed
at events at all different levels and has made its waves both within the VW scene and out there in the big world
with the heavy show cars including winning a prestigious award at the SEMA show in 2017.

Its a masterful blend of modern custom that retains the beauty and history of the original car.
The modifications are subtle, the paint colors right from the factory charts and at first glance from
many angles it just looks like the Beetle we are all used to seeing...but the more you look deeper
the more you realize it is anything but another normal Beetle.  This one is special.

The body is a genuine 51 11G sunroof model and many of the parts used are
genuine early VW bits. There is some blend of years of the parts, such as the "heart" taillights of 53-54
and the smooth wider bumper blades of a newer model, but to focus on the items that the purist go crazy about
will miss the beauty of the entire package.  Check out the fenders on the car as an example...while you were
staring at the taillights did you notice just how beautifully the fenders have been widened to give the car
a more muscular look and to cover the fat wheels and tires?

Front fenders too are wider than factory and obviously the custom running boards tie
them all in together. The wheels themselves are gorgeous full custom bits that Il'l get into detail with later.