1967 VW Beetle Convertible For Sale

1967 was a year of change for the Beetle, being both the final year for many beloved attributes
such as the painted dashboard and "towel rail" bumpers. The progressive improvements
such as 12 volt electrics, 1500cc engine and the upright headlamps were welcome
changes to the model. Many of the details on the 67 model year were unique to that year only
and as a result are very popular with collectors and drivers alike.
The 67 is just a "magic" year in the Beetle range.  I have owned a few and have experienced the difference.
They really are something special.

This example being a cabriolet of course makes it even more attractive.
The color is perfect for the era and the level of restoration of this particular car
is countless steps above the majority of what is normally on the market.

This restoration was a passion project for a couple of seasoned VW enthusiasts
that wanted to challenge themselves with restoring one to the highest level possible.
Its been a long and laborious project for them to chase all the tiny details
but the results are obvious as you go through these images. This car is stellar.

Nice touch of the "VW Parking Only" sign in the background...
Not only is the car impressive, the photography as well is just as well detailed.

Just so good...the colors, the stance, the black California plates
and the proper width whitewalls on the two tone wheels...wow.