1963 Studebaker Avanti

Here she is fresh from long term storage.
The paint is flaking off on the front and there is some pitting on the chrome.
Car appears to be very complete with the only parts missing being the hood emblem
and the side emblem on the rear post.

Some surface rust on the gas door and rust stains in the paint from trim screws and such that rusted over the years

I havent done anything to clean up the outside at this point...have just been working on cleaning up the seats.
Im working with a researcher at the Studebaker Museum to get the build sheet and delivery information on the car
that I will include with it. I have not tried to start it yet...missing the keys, so I need to have one made.

Engine looks very complete and untouched...all the stainless wire covers and such are present.

Dash is cleaning up beautifully.

Ive scrubbed up the drivers seat...hevent gotten to the passenger side yet.
Still need to vacuum and try to shampoo the carpets, which I think will clean up very well.

Rear seat cleaned up beautifully !

Headliner is very good

Nice shape and should clean up even nicer.

Door panels are scrubbing up well too.

The interior is very good... mask off the jams and respray the exterior and get it running and you will have a very nice car on your hands!

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