Our Mission Statement

Our goal here at Oldbug.com is to offer the very best vehicle advertisement service ever.
We offer the most detailed ads out there and we take pride in that.
We make it a point to pick each car apart and show you the flaws.
Most folks dont do that. Each car is one I approve of personally, these are private
party vehicles but part of our service is a description by someone who knows VWs very well...

And that's me.

I see people buy the "wrong car" so often and it just makes me cringe.

All the cars that I list on the site are ones that I like,
cars that meet my strict guidelines for quality.
My father once told me,
"Never buy a car that you would'nt want to keep forever."
So as folks bring us cars to advertise, I keep that in mind...if a car has some major flaws
I tend to steer clear of it. Basically if it is a car I would be afraid to own myself
I wont list it on the site. Even though the cars arent mine I think they reflect on my business.
I need to believe it has merit...and if I do, I think you wil too.

Over the years I have restored numerous old VW's.
These cars have won piles of trophies and many have been featured in the magazines
Ive been a writer and photographer for VW magazines,
and Ive even been on TV a few times
on VW related things!!

In short, Ive been doing this for a long time...

and while I dont claim to know everything...
I know old VW's

If a car we have listed has a problem, I tell you about it.
The last thing I want to have happen is for a car to arrive at a customer's door,
3,000 miles away and have it not be as I presented it.
I take this business personally and I put my reputation on the line.
Im not here to make a quick buck and run,
Im here for the long haul, and happy customers are my absolute goal.

Here's a couple emails from recent customers.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding my 66!
I have looked on the web for over a year to find one like it -
I even flew to New Mexico to check one out.
Your knowledge of and appreciation for a quality restoration put
me in the car I bought new long ago when I graduated from college:  A 1966
Seablue Sunroof Beetle with an AM-FM radio.

    Were it not for your experience and ability to listen to a client, I
would not have found this car.  Having you find the car, check it out, and
talk to the previous owner made the purchase simple and really worry free.
Anyone looking for a reliable restored Beetle should use your services.

    I just took mine to my local VW specialist, and he pronounced it solid,
healthy, and very well restored.  As you said when you described it to me,
the car is beautiful and simply needed to be driven home.  And the drive
home to the Bay Area was a tremendous pleasure.  I had forgotten how much
fun it is to drive a true Beetle."

Barry Hottle


The car looks and drives great.  I have not had a chance to do to much putting around because
the car got here around 5:30 last night.  I got your check in the mail along with the title and stuff...
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, the extra cash for the light and balance went a long way.
It says a lot for you and your company.
I love the car and along with my wife Nat we are very pleased.
You don't see to many bugs this nice in Arkansas.
The bugs here are a joke compared to the one's out west..
Keep in touch we may want to add a bus or ghia soon..

Josh Carr 

 The cars we advertise are owned by folks all over the country and are listed with us.
We make a fixed advertising fee, not a commission, regardless of sales price.
Regardless of who's car it is, I have a checklist I use for inspecting a car,
and I go through it top to bottom and bumper to bumper if the car is within reach.
Since many buyers are far away, and can't come to see the car's themselves,
I must be "their eyes" and look at the car closely for the customer.
If a car is too far away for me to inspect, I demand quality detailed photos and I ask all the important
questions about the condition and history to make sure we post a proper representation on the website.

The best part about this is that if you are the buyer, you can rest assured that the guy posting the ad is not just some Joe off the street...
I know my stuff and Im a pretty picky guy.

Im not perfect, but it's very rare that something gets by me.
For out of the area listings, I do the best I can, but I need to trust that the sellers are honest and showing me everything.
No matter who the buyer and seller are...I suggest that the buyer check out the vehicle for themselves if possible.
In the end..the sale is between buyer and seller...both parties need to feel comfortable with the deal!

If a problem does occur, I do whatever I can to make it right.
As an example, a Beetle we recently sold (the 63 Ragtop) developed a shifting problem
before it shipped off. It wasnt a constant thing, but twice while I drove it,
the shifter popped out of 4th gear.
This was an advertised car with us that had already been sold to a customer, the money had changed hands and the truck was on it's way to pick it up in a matter of hours.
I just couldnt send it off across the country like this...it bugged the heck out of me.
Immediately I called the buyer to tell him what was up, I called the seller and hit him with the problem, and when the truck pulled up I sent him away.
End result to this nightmare?
The car got a freshly rebuilt transmission and clutch, over $800 in repairs
and it didnt cost the buyer one red cent.

If he had bought the car directly off ebay or something, he would have gotten screwed.
Even though it cost me most of my ad rate , I can sleep at night knowing that the car runs and drives as good as I said it did.

Now if you buy a car off our site, dont expect a new transmission,
but I will most certainly try to let you know of any problems.
I take pride in what I do.

And if you have a VW for sale...please consider Oldbug.com as the absolute best possible place to advertise it.
I believe so strongly in the ads I provide, that if your car doesnt sell, you owe us nothing.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you buy or sell your Vintage VW!


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